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Covid 21, P140.5 billion vaccine budget

Yesterday, a friend pointed me at this post by the Department of Finance @DOFPH:

January 11, 2020, 9:05 am    

LOOK: Summary of funding for the Philippines’ Vaccination Deployment Plan

In a recent interview with CNN Philippines, Finance Assistant Secretary and Spokesperson Paola Alvarez said the government’s national vaccination plan aims to vaccinate 100 million Filipinos without exemption. All vaccines to be administered under this program shall be free of charge.

The Philippines’ Vaccination Deployment Plan (PVDP) will be funded by the following sources:

• Department of Health (DOH) Budget - ₱2.5 billion 
• Government financial institutions (GFIs) and Government-owned or controlled corporations (GOCCs) - ₱20 billion
• Low-cost and long-term loans - ₱48 billion
• Unprogrammed appropriations - ₱70 billion 

The loans come with very low interest and are payable for over a prolonged period of time. Policies from these banks will also guarantee that each Peso lent is allocated solely to the PDVP.

Watch the full interview here: https://www.facebook.com/CNNPhilippines/videos/220358532971184/


So P140.5 B total, P120.5B to be borrowed as government does not have enough resources, projected deficit 2021 is about P1.2 trillion. Covid hysteria with vaccine pushing agenda is very successful.

And take note of this: “vaccinate 100 million Filipinos without exemption.” 

Meaning, mandatory vaccination? PH population this 2021 projected at 110 M, so 10 M cannot be vaccinated (exclude newly-born, very frail people, with lots of allergies, etc). So 100% mandatory vaccination of the 100 M?

Compare also that P140.5B vax budget with these 8 Departments’ approved budget in 2021 GAA, in P Billion: 

DENR 23.6, DOJ 23.1, DFA 22.4, DTI 21.4,
DOF 16.0, NEDA 11.2, DOT 3.1, DBM 1.8.
Plus OVP 0.9, UP system (including PGH) 21.5 = P145B.

If push turns to shove and kicks, many of these agencies can be defunded just to fund huge vax pushing agenda.

The unofficial campaign season for May 2022 Presidential, Senatorial, local elections starts this year. If one has a skeptical mind, assume that at least 10% of the P140.5 B vax budget alone would be diverted by those in political power now, that's P14B clear. If one is more pessimistic, assume 20%, 30% diversion, big happiness for the political class. Plus vaccine suppliers from China to Russia to America will be happy. Also the in-betweens like the endless vax pushers among local physicians, health NGOs, media, etc. People too because they will get "free" vax. But unfree potential side effects, unfree future taxes.

I am suspicious of people, physicians included, who (1) push indefinite lockdown, (2) shoot down proven cheap early treatment, and (3) gung-ho about vaccine pushing.

If cheap, proven, early treatments don't exist, I would understand vaccine pushing. But they do, I personally know doctors here in MMla who treat their patients with HCQ, Dr Homer Lim has treated at least 500 patients with hydroxychloroquiene (HCQ) and they all got well, no need for vaccine so far.

See this paper from Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/hydroxychloroquine-works-in-high-risk-patients-and-saying-otherwise-is-dangerous.

So from my understanding about HCQ:

(a) It is mainly a preventive prophylaxis, and if person is infected, it is for early treatment, not late treatment when the patient is already dying.
(b) Use low dosage of 400 mg/week, not 800 or 1,600 then report that the patient suffered side effects. (c) It is cheap, generic and off-patent, about 60+ years been used worldwide.

But suddenly HCQ is demonized because Trump mentioned it, and because implicitly it will remove the hysteria for vaccine pushing. Again, dengue and HIV, both killer infectious diseases for many decades now, have no clear safe effective vax. and Covid vax with just one year of research are suddenly safe and effective? Vax pushing narrative. Similarity with shabu and drug pushing.

In shabu and drug pushing, you make the victims addicted to the illegal substances.

In Covid vax pushing, you make the victims addicted to the hysteria, to endless pandemic scare and that no cheap early treatment exist.

Meanwhile NEDA Sec Chua already impatient with endless, indefinite lockdown. And DOH, Salvana, Leachon, etc all gung-ho at indefinite lockdown until vax are here.

On herd immunity. It's like gravity, you demonize it or not, it will happen. Virus mutate, humans too. Virulent viruses are the first to go extinct because they kill their human hosts, they can no longer replicate. So it's the mild strains of viruses that multiply because their hosts survive, they can replicate. Remember Spanish flu 1918-1919, among the worst health conditions perhaps: (1) Europe just came from WW1 in 1914-1917, damaged and dilapidated buildings, hospitals, electricity, water, squalor in many places. (2) no modern medicines, no prophylaxis, no modern tests, no vaccines. And yet the pandemic stopped, human population expanded big time after.

Meanwhile, Covid lockdown original proponent "to avoid hundreds millions deaths", the ground zero of virus alarmism, Dr. Neal Ferguson of Imperial College London now believes herd immunity may have been attained in London? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9131383/Professor-Lockdown-Neil-Ferguson-believes-London-herd-immunity.html.

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