Friday, January 15, 2021

Climate 94, Eat worms and bugs to save the planet

This week, the EU has officially cleared and approved worms for human consumption.

"Eat the Bugs: EU Approves Mealworms For Human Consumption to Save the Environment", Jan. 13, 2021,

"EU Gives Go-ahead For Eating WORMS", Jan. 14, 2021,

"some people might eventually be forced to eat bugs against their will, if other sources of protein are priced out of their reach by carbon taxes."

“Let Them Eat Worms”, Jan 14, 2021,

"Would you eat insects to help save the planet? These companies are betting yes", Jan. 2019,

"The food that can feed, and maybe save, the planet: Bugs", Oct 2019,

"Grubs up: Would you eat insects to save the planet?" May 2019,

"Edible insects are on the menu in New York City" (incl scorpions), Apr 2019,

"Would you eat insects to save the planet from global warming?" Oct 2018,

"Entomophagy: How giving up meat and eating bugs can help save the planet", Mar 2018,

"Save the planet; eat an insect", Feb 2018,

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