Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Agri Econ 32, High global prices of corn, soybeans and wheat

See this, data today as of 6pm Philippine time, from

The reason -- low supply.

By Chuck Abbott  1/13/2021

Commodity prices are on the rise due to tightening global supplies and large purchases by China, the first country to rebound economically from the pandemic.

.… the USDA said U.S. stockpiles of corn and soybeans, the two most widely planted crops in the country, would shrink to their lowest levels since 2014 when this year’s crops are ready for harvest. At the same time, the average farm-gate price for corn and soybeans this marketing year would be the highest since 2013/14.

Along with wheat, corn and soybeans are the foundation of the U.S. food supply. They are primarily used as ingredients in processed foods, oils, and are fed to the cattle, hogs, and poultry that supply meat and eggs for the American diet.

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