Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Covid 73, More deaths, more marriages, but less babies in 2021, why?

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More deaths, more marriages, but less babies in 2021, why?

Nonoy Oplas

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) released today the most recent update on marriages, births and deaths per month, 2020 and 2021. Here is my reformat table:

Now compare 2021 vs 2020 monthly averages there were:

19,928/month more deaths (bad),
28,883/month more marriages (good), and
-18,257/month less births (bad).

Year 2021 has delta variants plus mass vaccination was started. More deaths, more marriages, but producing less babies. Why?

I see three possibilities: 

(1) more preggy women in 2021 who have miscarriages (after vax?),
(2) Married women who became less fertile (after vax?), and
(3) many mothers among those who died.

Those vaccines have no, zero, nada long-term studies about their possible impact on women fertility, and the vax are being pushed down to 5 yo kids.

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