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Covid 71, More vax adverse reactions

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From the CDC Ph Huddle Feb. 19, 2022, these are among the comments from the audience:

Jay to Everyone (8:32 PM)
Yung friend ko po, confirmed na raw sa 2nd test yung HIV...Moderna yung vax nya, 2nd vax was Sept. 2021, and Feb 10, positive na. Male, 27 yrs old. ang patient. Aside sa HIV, may Syphilis din...definitely not an STD.

edu f to Everyone (8:41 PM)
There are a lot of people testing positive for HIV but have not developed anything. They called it Long Term Non-Progressors

Feb. 19, 

Meanwhile, I’m posting here some old testimonies in previous CDC Ph Huddles. Late post. Many Huddles I was not able to copy the testimonies.

CDC Ph Huddle Feb 2, 2022

Michael R to Everyone (1:30 PM)
In the US there are reports that Life Insurers are ready to question the unusual increase in death claims are Philippine Life Insurers experiencing the same and what are they doing about it.  The Press may want to question the Philippine Life Insurance Association or PLIA. their Gen. Manager is Mr. George Mina and his email add is

Luigie G to Everyone (2:03 PM)

Ana J to Everyone (2:34 PM)
I know some people who were hospitalized and eventually died ..they were given the option to choose to declare Covid as the cause of death in order to get financial assistance I think with Phil heath and priority in the place of wake.  that is probably why the cases are high.  I was hospitalized in 2021 and in two hospitals, the doctors insisted that I be admitted in the Covid section even when it was clear my condition was not Covid-related

Malu G to Everyone (2:35 PM)
Our family got Covid. Just applied the CDC PH protocol and we all got well without going to the hospital.

Rosanna E to Everyone (3:29 PM)

1.Call to Europe: The Future of Our Children is at Stake” - CHD Europe - Press Conference, Brussels January 23 

2.Warning from Dr Robert Malone, Pioneer of mRNA Technology, on Covid Vaccines 

3. Children under 12 should not risk receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, WHO says  

6. Before You Inject Your Child - Statement from Dr. Robert Malone MD (founder of the mRNA technology)

The risk/benefit analysis is not even close with this vaccine for children.

7. WHO Chief Scientist: "...there’s no evidence right now that healthy children, or healthy adolescents, need boosters. No evidence at all.” 

8. Association of Myocarditis With BNT162b2 Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccine in a Case Series of Children   

9. Recurrence of Acute Myocarditis Temporally Associated with Receipt of the mRNA Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Vaccine in a Male Adolescent    

10. Myopericarditis in a previously healthy adolescent male following COVID-19 vaccination: A case report   

11. COVID-19 Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Adolescents

Symptomatic Acute Myocarditis in 7 Adolescents After Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccination   

Myopericarditis after the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

Rosanna E to Everyone (3:31 PM)

1. Perimyocarditis following first dose of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 (Moderna) vaccine in a healthy young male: a case report:    

2. Cardiac Imaging of Acute Myocarditis Following COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination 

3. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine and Myocarditis 

4. Myocarditis after BNT162b2 vaccination in a healthy male   

5. Myopericarditis in young adults presenting to the emergency department after receiving a second COVID-19 mRNA vaccine 

6.Unusual Presentation of Acute Perimyocarditis Following SARS-COV-2 mRNA-1237 Moderna Vaccination

CDC Ph Huddle Oct 16


Atty. Fidel B to Everyone (7:30 PM)
Number of deaths in Taiwan after jabs exceeding covid deaths. What great reporting!

Raquel P to Everyone (7:44 PM)
ang anak ko po nag pa vaccine 1st dose,  after about a month nag positive sa antigen test and sobrang higpit inubo, nawalan panlasa,  n pang amoy,,, ang ibinigay ko po,  redox signaling molecules,,, 1 liter per day,,, in 3 days, 3 lters po,  naging maayos condition nya. n nag self quarantine,  kagabi po nkpasok na sya

Atty. Fidel B to Everyone (7:49 PM)
Pls share far and wide. Yes to Informed Consent. If you have a friend, neighbor or relative who is still deciding on whether to get jabbed or is deciding on whether to have his/her minor children jabbed. Please refer to this Telegram group, since we are not hearing much from DOH about adverse effects.

Toshiba G to Everyone (8:06 PM)
My agent colleague at Batangas almost died after taking Sinovac in his first jab. Talagang feel nya na mamamatay na sya. After that ayaw na nya mag 2nd jab

Aveen G to Everyone (8:06 PM)
doc romy, sa Bukidnon walang nag positive pre-vaxx. pero nung nag bakunahan na, yun nagtutumbahan na

Ching to Everyone (8:06 PM)
Sister ng kaibigan ko sa US fullyvaxed na. Saka pa sya na diagnosed ng breast cancer stage 1.

Toshiba G to Everyone (8:07 PM)
My other friend whose niece died one day after taking the J&J jab

Pastora Rona to Everyone (8:09 PM)
A relative of mine died after getting the J&J jab. A close friend of mine also died. He got jabbed July 30. Two days later he fell seriously ill, August 13 intubated and died. He left two toddkers behind.

RSR to Everyone (8:10 PM)
Had my 2nd dose last Sept 6. The following day I experienced severe headache and it lasted for two weeks.

Ley O to Everyone (8:10 PM)
The fatalities from the military/police and other uniformed services are confirmed po. The info, condolences, funeral services are being posted daily, weekly in the Viber group of alumni of the Philippine Military Academy. I graduated with PMA'88

Eleanor P to Everyone (8:12 PM)
Pls report postvax adverse effects here in this reporting system

Sylvia L to Everyone (8:32 PM)
we have a family friend po whose while household tested + for covid last frIday. 3 members of the household had 1st dose of pfizer on Tuesday. one member got 2nd dose of moderna last Sept. pwede po bang cause ng vax ang +rt-pcr nila? the one with 2nd dose moderna tested negative po pala

Myrel to Everyone (8:37 PM)
That is what is happening in San Vicente,Palawan Sir Nonoy. Altho there are few cases, they go house to house performing antigen test even to the newborn babies. An since they have a huge quarantine facility. They terrorize these less knowledgeable people  by using the police force to take these people in the countryside to the quarantine facility. They even violate the Article 132 of the revise penal code by going to the church to take these people to the quarantine facility making people very scared of them.

JOEY M to Everyone (8:39 PM)
My father-in-law is in hospital for 2 weeks already.  Was pre-tested at home with antigen test before hospitalization, was negative.  At hospital, they tested him with rt-PCR and declared him positive plus pneumonia.  After a week, they tested for antibodies and said he was covid-free already.  Next day, they said he was positive again and returned him to ICU (for other concerns).  He’s been classified as “critical covid case.”  I sense a conspiracy to commit fraud at the possible expense of patient’s life.

Ma. Judea to Everyone (8:46 PM)
Molnupuravir causes mutagenicity

Angeli V to Everyone (8:58 PM)
My friend’s husband was very, very sick with Covid, she begged to give Ivermectin. Docs disagreed, he died, so so sad!

Atty. Fidel B to Everyone (8:59 PM)
A JUdge in QC, hospitalized for covid.Family pleaded that IVM be used. Hospital said NO, the Judge died

Ma Lourdes M to Everyone (9:07 PM)
my HS batchmate who was confined sa Delgado nagtatago pa sa CR para mainom yung IVM nya.. kc baka daw magalit attending MD nya.. omg.. she became serious... natransfer sa PGH.. after one week .. na RIP.. huhuhu

Ching to Everyone (9:10 PM)
Wala kami lockdown ngayon dito sa Indonesia. IVM is part of hospital protocol

Angeli V to Everyone (9:11 PM)
My maid who came back from vacation told me that in Iloilo they don’t want to vaccinate as there are many adverse reactions and even deaths and in barrios you know how gossip can spread in a province! Faster than Covid.

Mariquita D to Everyone (9:13 PM)
In Iligan City , lately there are more fully vaccinated cases than unvaccinated. Like today there are 10 fully vaccinated and only 1 non-vaccinated that got infected.

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CDC Ph Huddle Nov. 27

Heart Attacks now are occurring to every young vaccinated individual

people are dying from this vax tapos dami nang friends na force magpa vax kasi mawalan ng trabaho.

Ganyan din ung sinabi dun sa pamangkn ng kakilala q may sakit na daw dati sa kidney ngayon kakalibing Lang.. Ang findings multi organ failure saka diabetes ketoasidosis 2

My 12 yo daughter's  classmate had fever all week. post firat vac on Tuesday...

the kids that died, was it reported in MSM???

atty. ako po nagwowork sa supermarket , nagpasa na po ako ng letter of refusal , ang sabi ng hr namin tinrethreaten ko daw po sya.. at sumusunod lang daw po sila sa iatf.  hindi daw po nila ako papasukin khit may letter of refusal at grave coercion ako. weekly daw po ako magpa antigen. patulong po ako pls pls

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