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Energy 161, No Tricks Zone on Europe energy situation, e-cars

My favorite blog on Europe energy and international climate studies, NTZ. 
Good work as usual, Pierre Gosselin, thank you.

1. German Household Electricity Prices Reach New Record High In 2021…Share Of Green Electricity Falls!
By P Gosselin on 11. January 2022

The German Association for Energy and Water Management (BDEW) recently presented the latest 2021 Energy Supply Annual Report as a PowerPoint presentation.

2. 650 km Wintertime Trip With VW E-Car Took 13 Hours, 3 Recharges And Lots Of Warm Clothes
By P Gosselin on 18. January 2022

3. New Study: Adding Wind Farms Leads To 1°C Per Decade Nighttime Land Surface Temperature Warming
By Kenneth Richard on 20. January 2022

4. Global Coal Consumption Reaches New Record High In 2021…China, India Consuming Two Thirds
By P Gosselin on 23. January 2022

5. Climate Activists Love Their “Brilliant” Ideas…Until They Actually Have To Live Them. Harmon’s E-Car “Nightmare”

By P Gosselin on 26. January 2022

6. KTM CEO Pierer: “Electric Mobility Is Nonsense Promoted By Politicians With No Technical Knowledge”
By P Gosselin on 30. January 2022

Combustion engines will be around long after 2035, says Austrian KTM CEO…”500-kg battery to substitute 20 liters of fuel” …”a stupid idea” …”phony sustainability”…

7. Green Wrecking Ball: Germany Clearing “Undisturbed” 1000-Year Old Forest, Make Way For Massive Wind Park
By P Gosselin on 4. February 2022

8. Germany Electricity Prices Soar To World Record Highs After Years Of Energy Policy Folly…Expensive, Unreliable
By P Gosselin on 9. February 2022

Today German weekly news magazine FOCUS here reports how Germany’s electricity prices have now reached “record” levels: “Germany is the world champion in electricity prices – no country pays more for electricity. According to new data from the German Association of Energy and Water Industries, German households paid an average of 36.19 cents for a kilowatt hour in January 2022.” 

That’s over 40 US cents per kilowatt-hour!

9. Price Shock: Mercedes Hybrid Driver Stunned After Learning New Battery Costs More Than Value Of Car!
By P Gosselin on 11. February 2022

The price for a new battery was 18,000 pounds – not including the hourly wage of £200. But the Mercedes hybrid at the time was only worth around £12,000, thus making little sense to repair a car that’s only 8 years old. 

10. As Germany’s Green Dream Becomes A Nightmare, Asia And Russia Power Ahead With Nuclear Power
By P Gosselin on 13. February 2022

Asia goes nuclear while Europe goes bust
By Fred F. Mueller

11. Main Reason Behind Europe’s “Energy Price Explosion” Is Green Policy In Europe And Germany
By P Gosselin on 16. February 2022

Nitrogen fertilizer price per tonne in euros. (Die kalte Sonne

12. The “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy” Just Got Dumber…The Frightening Race To Reset By World War
By P Gosselin on 22. February 2022

13. Shocking Surprise At Munich E-Car Charging Stations: Electricity Prices To Surge 81%… “Total Madness!”
By P Gosselin on 23. February 2022

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