Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Agenda One News, Part 7

Last week February 14, I was interviewed again by Cito Beltran, Host of daily (Monday-Friday 8-9am) program "Agenda" in One News Ph, Cignal TV. This could be my 7th interview by Cito. The topic was... 

I mentioned during the interview that for six years straight the Office of the Vice President (OVP) budget is between P0.6 to P0.9 B a year, always below P1B/yr budget. The 2022 budget is P5 T, OVP budget is P0.7 B, or 0.0001 of total, or 1% of 1%. So if the total budget is P100, OVP budget is P0.01, not even P1 but 1 centavo. So living within its means, exceeding the performance beyond the budget given to it has been the the cornerstone of the OVP Bec she is able to attract priv donation to a national govt office during the heavy lockdown. This seldom happens.

As of today, it has 29k views, 710 comments, am flattered. Thank you, readers and viewers.

Then it was reported in the news program that same day of One News, and it gathered another 39k views as of today.

Thanks again for the opportunity to share my ideas to your viewers and listeners, Cito. Much appreciated.

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