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Covid 70, Doc Iggy Agbayani on pedia vaccination

Reposting my blog post yesterday in CDC Ph website,

Today is Doc Benigno “Iggy”Agbayani Jr’s birthday, 2-22-22. He is among the founders of CDC Ph when it was launched in September 2020, then became its first President. Reposting his birthday post below and tweets. Happy birthday doc. 

Iggy Agbayani’s birthday post, 2-22-22:

We have to explain to schools trying to enforce vaccine passports and parents who had their children jabbed without offending them. Telling them the following facts unravels their lack of correct information and adding great risk with little to no benefit: 

1) These vaccines do not prevent transmission. RCT’s did not even try to prove this and many case studies have demonstrated high viral loads even in the vaccinated who got sick and there many who are asymptomatic just like in the unvaccinated 

2)This claimed temporary protection has no significant RCT study (a required level of evidence when claiming efficacy of a new drug for a new variant) and therefore unproven protection for Omicron and future variants. The evidence claimed even for protection against the original Wuhan variant has an absolute relative risk protection based on Pfizers one and only large RCT is not 95% but the more realistic 0.84% and this number is likely to be smaller in the younger and healthier population. 

3)The risk of hospitalization and deaths was demonstrated in extended RCT’s of Pfizer and this was not given emphasis by the study or the media. It is now well established based on large observation case series from the UK just a few months ago that MRNA vaccines increases the risk of myocarditis in young males, a deadly and life changing adverse event, far more compared to getting COVID-19 itself. 

Finally, there is an increasing number of vaccine related severe adverse event in the young. Without robust safety studies these signals are more than enough to stop the use of vaccines especially in children. 

Attached are good reference to read and use: 

1) Clinical Research Deanna Mcleod, 



Doc Iggy’s recent tweets:

Doc Iggy Agbayani

Feb 19

Myocarditis is significantly higher in MRNA vaccines in younger males but there are certainly other adverse events being reported increasingly but still underreported by present voluntary surveillance.

With increasing signals of adverse events and deaths from COVID-19 vaccination and a decreasing number of deaths and hospitalizations from COVID-19, it is now possible to withhold emergency use authorization of these obsolete vaccines especially in children..

An informed consent needs to be fully informed & not forced. Otherwise its a worthless piece of waiver preventing us  from suing them. Tell them about the 1% VAERS Undereporting, the excess deaths since vaccination and the new vaccines coming out next month. Unsafe and obsolete

Feb 18

A 35 year old patient with both ankle swelling consulted me an Ortho. Previously seen by a cardiologist and nephrologist who did tests to find the reason for his symptoms. I asked if he was hypertensive and on amlodipine. Then I will investigate the real cause of his HPN.

Fasting blood sugar will miss a new diabetic when we do fasting past 8 hours. When I screen I use Hba1c. Watch out for vaccine triggered diabetes.

Feb 16

A published scientific paper claimed FDA VAERS reporting is about 1% of actual numbers. Phil. FDA VEARS had 1,671 reported deaths by Jan. Philippine Excess deaths in 2021 coinciding with vaccs rolloiut is about 180,000+ March to Sept. Do the math. This is a massacre. Painful!

About two weeks after getting COVID-19 there is no more need to take any prophylaxis against it because of natural immunity. I don’t even recommend ivermectin prophylaxis or vaccination to healthy children below 50 years old 😊… DepEd not educated about Lockdowns, why so many other countries have opened up F2F schools many months ago & there is no proven or safe experimental COV-19 vaccine. It is clearly unnecessary & the death of a single child from vaccination is unconscionable.

Feb 15

The state should not have any power on its citizens if it can’t be made accountable for a harm it is causing. Remove the immunity from litigation from injury caused by an experimental vaccination and consent induced by force or coercion and incomplete or false information.

At clinic today one young lady developed both ankle pain two weeks after booster and a middle aged man presenting with neck pain and diabetes symptoms a week after booster. I have an Orthopedic clinic and wondering how internist fair when they don’t look for it. Underreporting!

The CDC is promoting misleading data interpretation by comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated deaths and hospitalization. They bias select the vaccinated who are healthy, not bed ridden, able to go the vaccination centers, and survive the deaths caused by vaccination.

I predicted Feb 14 as the time when Philippine COVID cases would be low enough to lift all restrictions. All I had to do was look at South Africa with Omicron. Who needs the overrated OCTA when a non statistician like me could do the same or better.

Some Filipino Doctors trying hard to convince parents to vaccinate their children as if their life depended on it. NOT if they are shielded from liability. Nothing to lose is cowardice. With vaccines this weak on Omicron nothing to gain either. It’s all bull.

“Doc, need to also bring up the matter on “liability shield” this is the most important aspect not to force individuals at any age, gender, etc.

The drug makers, administering doctors, government are all exempted from legal liabilities in case of covax injuries and/or death.”

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