Thursday, January 21, 2010

Warming scam and higher energy prices

Here's one negative effect of the man-made warming scam in the Philippines: higher electricity bills soon. We will be forced to pay extra for those expensive renewable energy sources with little and often unstable power supply. See this report today,
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Going green has a price for public

Written by Paul Anthony A. Isla / Reporter
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 23:08

IF you are all for nature conservation and renewable energy, you cannot have them for free. You have to pay. The government will soon establish the rates that will be added to your power bills.
This was the message the government sent out on Wednesday as it spelled out the price for going green....

Should energy prices rise because of supply-demand dynamics, so be it. For instance, the number of cars, buses, boats, tractors, malls, subdivisions, condo buildings, schools, etc. have doubled and the volume of energy demand has also doubled while supply can only increase by 25%, then prices will have to increase. Fine.

It's a different thing, however, when energy prices are rising because people are coerced and arm-twisted to subsidize more expensive energy sources even if cheaper, conventional energy sources are still available.

We have already parted with our tax money to support the various new climate bureaucracies in the Philippine government like
1. Presidential Adviser on climate change
2. Carbon cutting coalition
3. Presidential task force on climate change
4. Climate change commission
5. Renewable energy commission
6. other national climate bureaucracies?

Then such national climate bureaucracies are replicated at the local level, with several provincial, city and municipal task forces or offices on climate change. Then there are the expensive global meetings, national meetings, to "fight global warming and climate change", funded by who else, taxpayers' money.

The source of all those climate alarmism is the UN IPCC. Plus Al Gore, plus big international environmentalist groups like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Greenpeace, Oxfam and Friends of the Earth, plus Haribon, IBON, etc.

A friend commented that the man-made warming claim is part of the “free market of ideas”.

Wrong. The UN IPCC, Al Gore, Pachauri, etc. say there is no such thing. They have declared several times, "Debate is over. Science is settled. There is preponderance of evidence. It is man-made warming, you all shut up, listen to what we say on how to mitigate warming."

That's not free market of ideas. That's dictatorship, plain and simple. And the best way to do such ecological central planning is through the UN and the various national governments.

On the “vanishing Himalayan Glacier" scandal, here's a brief background.

In 2007, IPCC produced a report saying something like "Himalayan glacier will be gone by 2035 if not sooner, if current warming will continue." The source of that report was the WWF 2005 report. Which WWF got from a 1999 article from the New Scientist journal. Which the NS reporter got from a phone conversation with a less-known Indian scientist, Syed Hasnain. Who later admitted that the claim was “speculation” and was not supported by any formal research.

A UN climate bureaucracy issued an alarmist report based on secondary, even tertiary, unverified source! see here,

Now the IPCC retracted, but not entirely,

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