Sunday, January 03, 2010

Resources and the universe are not entropic

There was a discussion paper that argued for the following:

a. Finite resources and Entropy. Resources are finite and the universe is entropic, not dynamic and static and will reach its inherent natural limits.

b. Animals adapt to nature, Humans conquer nature.

c. Why blame the victims. It is unfair to call the “scums” and “dregs” of society, as “leeches.” They are victims of a system,

My counter-arguments to the above are as follows:

1. On finite resources. "Finiteness" is relative. As technology and innovation continues, what used to look or sound like "finite" becomes infinite. Take land. Before, people worry how many houses a 1-hectare land can hold. With high rise condo buildings, a 1-hectare land can accomodate thousands of households, thousands of parking lots, with enough space for open-space park.

Or people used to worry about shrinking agricultural land. But some guys are already into vertical vegetable gardens, multi-layer, multi-cropping. Or with hydroponics, people can grow and harvest veggies at 1/2 the period and 1/2 (or less) the inputs (water and fertilizers) and harvest the same or 2x more than planting in open space land.

2. Entropic universe. Again, this is questionable if not wrong. A dynamic universe can never be entropic, static and finite. Last September for instance, NASA reported that there were 19 percent more galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) in the Earth's atmosphere (lower and upper atmosphere) than last year. This is mainly due to the prolonged solar minimum and less active or "quiet" Sun. GCRs mainly come from exploding stars. Billions of stars are still being born, while billions of other stars have already exploded to extinction. More stars born, more starlight (or what we call "sunlight"), more energy in the universe.

3. Humans conquer nature. Another misconcepcion and hence, wrong. See this news report today, for instance,
"Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict"
http://www.telegrap weather/6921281/ Britain-facing- one-of-the- coldest-winters- in-100-years- experts-predict. html

During the winterstorm and blizzard in Europe at the time that government leaders and other warming alarmists were meeting in Copenhagen to "fight global warming", at least 90 people died there, mostly the homeless.

And more people died in UK with severe winter last year than in previous years,
"Figures obtained by the Tories show that the North West’s “winter kill” rose from 3,210 in 2007-08 to 5,000 last year."
http://www.liverpoo uk/liverpool- news/local- news/2010/ 01/02/liverpool- pensioners- face-cold- weather-death- risk-claim- tories-100252- 25507589/

Man "destroyed and conquered nature"? Think again. Nature, the coming severe and prolonged global cooling, will kill more people. And people will wish that the global warming scam was true and not a hoax, if only to save them from terrible cooling.

4. Blame the victims. Victims are "blamed" only when they become burdensome to society for a long time. Like those unemployed who have been on welfare for 1 decade, 2 decades or more. A Filipina friend in NZ complains that NZ's welfare system has spoiled one of her neighbors who has been on welfare for the past 20+ years and has zero ambition of ever working. People who were rendered jobless because of temporary dislocations (like many shops that were damaged 100% during typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng) and relied on limited government charity and welfare are not blamed; they are assisted to get back on their feet.

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