Monday, October 04, 2010

Childcare 3: My 2nd Daughter

Today should be among the happiest days of my life. My second daughter was born around 4:30am today (Manila time), or 4 1/2 hours after my plane landed at Manila airport. I came from a conference, then visited a few Filipino friends in Sydney, Australia.

My wife, Ma. Ella, will give her name. I leave those things to her. Our first daughter's name is Elle Marie, Ella gave that name, well she just rumbled the two words and the letters therein, so from Maria Ella to Elle Marie, that's why. Elle turned 4 years old last Friday.

She's pretty, has a tall nose, and weighed 2.57 kg when she came out. When I looked at her at the hospital's NICU, there were 4 other babies who were born today or the last few days. My daughter is the prettiest of them all! hehehe.

Now have to work even harder. Children are important reminders to people that parental responsibility cannot be delegated as "government responsibility" as much as possible.

And there will be more peace in society if there is less coercion and forced redistribution of income and entitlements among people, with a huge army of people administering such large-scale social engineering.

Meanwhile, I promised my friends in facebook who greeted and congratulated me, that I will not post political comments in my fb status in the next few days, as one form of my personal and family celebration. Political commentaries will continue in this blog, the "ceasefire" is only in my facebook status.

To my wife Ella, my first daughter Elle Marie, and my second daughter -- I LOVE YOU ALL. I am the hubby, I am the father. I will take good care of you.

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awwww.... cute... ganda nga!!!