Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Agenda One News, Part 5

Another bravado-filled State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Duterte yesterday. Some good news but many bad news, anti-business pronouncements.

This morning I was the second of three guests of Cito Beltran in his program, "Agenda", One News, Cignal TV. Here's the recorded fb stream, my interview at around 40 minutes mark, 

PRRD talked about expropriating the two telecoms, attacked also the M.Mla water companies, electricity, etc. I said the implications on business will be negative. Yesterday even before the SONA, PH has the worst stockmarket performance in AsPac.

For 2022 elections, PRRD team can no longer campaign on anti drugs, anti corruption platform. Palpak  failure, he implicitly admitted it, in his words,

"...illegal drugs, hiding in the shadow of COVID-19, have stepped up their activities. The amount of shabu valued at millions of pesos seized…
drug syndicates continue to operate just like the countries of Colombia, Mexico, and it is being played inside the national penitentiaries....
The corrupt, the grafters and the influence peddlers also take advantage of the fear and confusion that the coronavirus generates...."

To win, they will use populist anti oligarchy, anti multinationals platform, like Chavez-Maduro in Venezuela. Explicitly attacked the Lopezes, Ayalas, MVP. Who's next? Plus drug price control of multinational pharma. New owners of ABS frequencies and assets will be on their side.

On anti-Covid vaccine and EO 104 or drug price control that he discussed in the SONA, I will post a separate blog article about it.

Meanwhile, I was also interviewed by Cito last July 3, mainly on the economic impact of continuing, indefinite lockdown (hard or mild) in the country. I don't have any screenshot of the interview, also the link, sorry.

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