Saturday, August 15, 2020

Interview at DZBB and Agila TV

These were old interviews this year, about the drug price control/dictatorship under EO 104 (Feb. 2020). At DZBB radio-TV hosted by Joel Zobel and Mr. Salvacion last June 04.

The EO 104 "papaboran nito ang ilang gamot" (it will favor other drugs/manufacturers) refers to less-prescribed, less-dispensed drugs when the more-prescribed, more-dispensed innovator drugs slapped with price control (criteria #4) are pulled out when manufacturers do not want to sell at a loss. Yes, EO 104 wants to make new favoritism and cronyism in drugs manufacturing, the less-known, less-effective, less-prescribed ones often produced by the big local pharma.

Last March, days before the M.Manila lockdown was declared and later became Luzon-wide ECQ. It was the noon time news in radio-TV of Eagle Broadcasting Corp., hosted by Party-list Cong. Angelo Palmones.

I argued similar points in the Agila TV interview.

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