Saturday, August 29, 2020

Weekend 74, CNN as the US' "Baghdad Bob"

 This report few days ago from CNN (aka in 2016 as the Clinton News Network) is funny.

The next two photos from different sources and posted in the American Thinker blog.

CNN has turned itself into America's Baghdad Bob

By Andrea Widburg

Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhafk, AKA Baghdad Bob, was Saddam Hussein's minister of information.  As troops neared and then entered Baghdad, al-Sahhaf gave daily press briefings during which he announced the most outrageous lies about the wars.

For example, Baghdad Bob insisted that American troops were committing suicide "by the hundreds" and that none had entered Baghdad.  Meanwhile, Americans were a few hundred yards away from him, and the audience could hear the sounds of their fighting.  On April 8, four days before Americans captured Baghdad, al-Sahhaf was still insisting that U.S. troops "are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks.  They will surrender.  It is they who will surrender."

This was reposted in

And these two from Babylonbee,

A related fun (but real) story -- that the 2020 US Presidential elections would be the first where there will be no debate between the two opposing candidates. Funny Nancy.

Pelosi: There shouldn’t be any Trump-Biden presidential debates 

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