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Climate 103, Ozone level variation due to natural, not man-made factors

How true is this statement, "big fossil fuel plants, not human emissions, are causing harm to the ozone."

Quickly, not true. See this short compilation,

Flashback 2007: Scientists Reveal They ‘No Longer Understand How Ozone Holes Come Into Being’
By Kenneth Richard on 14. September 2017

At least eight studies here showing that

"The 1980s zeitgeist that insisted we humans are the predominant cause of ozone depletion due to our ozone depleting substances emissions has been maintained for more than 3 decades now despite a growing body of contrary evidence that says variations in ozone density are predominantly determined by natural phenomena (meteorology, volcanic eruptions), not human emissions."

Among those eight studies are:

1. Barnes, Fiore, Horowitz (2016) "Detection of trends in surface ozone in the presence of climate variability" published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU):

"Ozone trends are found to respond mostly to changes in emissions of ozone precursors and unforced climate variability, with a comparatively small impact from anthropogenic climate change."

2. Pozzoli, Maenhout, Diel, Bey, et al, "Re-analysis of tropospheric sulfate aerosol and ozone for the period 1980–2005 using the aerosol-chemistry-climate model ECHAM5-HAMMOZ" (2012) showed that 

"The changes in meteorology (not including stratospheric variations) and natural emissions account for 75 % of the total variability of global average surface O3 concentrations." (32 pages)

And they contradict the NASA, UN, others (Al Gore, WWF,...) narrative of man-made ozone destruction.

Meanwhile, good data on number of Global tropical cyclone frequency, 1970-June 2022; Accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) 1970-2020,

Regardless of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, the number of global storms, the accumulated energy of global storms yearly in the past 5 decades shows no steadily-rising trend, only up-down-up-down cycle trend. 

For the climate alarmism train, today is the best day to stop using fossil fuels. Oil gas coal are expensive, why not boycott these products on their own -- there is high supply of bicycles and skateboards around. Going off grid is also possible and just have solar rooftop, backyard windmill.

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