Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Energy 167, ESG, Russia and US oil

Random thoughts and reports on energy, food shortage...

1. Food shortage, high food prices. Root cause is war on fossil fuels and climate alarmism drama.

From crude oil are (1) diesel for tractors, harvesters, water pumps, trucks, ships. Also (2) gasoline for farmers' motorcycles, tricycles, cars, pumpboats, etc. And (3) fertilizers like urea, from natgas are ammonia nitrate. Corn, soybeans etc are used for poultry piggery beef feeds. And (4) plastics, other petrochem for crops and fertilizer sacks, packaging materials. And (5) asphalt for farm roads. And (6) corn should feed people and animals, not vehicles via ethanol and biofuels. And so on.

The world should explore and extract more fossil fuels. More, not less.  The world should re-learn to say, "fossil fuels are good and useful." Then we solve the artificial, politics-driven high food prices and food supply shortages.

And many UN agencies should be defunded. Many multilateral lenders should be exposed for their endless climate loans and corruption.

2. Germany's Vice Chancellor, equivalent to Deputy Prime Minister, from Greens Party, formerly anti-coal anti-nuke, now embraces coal to avoid huge blackouts in Europe's biggest economy because their beloved wind-solar remains unreliable unstable even with battery until today,

German Vice Chancellor Announces a Return to Coal
Eric Worrall  June 19, 2022

3. Why Does Boston Buy Natural Gas from Russia?
The environmental organizations have full veto power on all energy projects through the legal system.
By Andy May.  May 29, 2022

Yet, everyone in the oil and gas industry is afraid to invest any money, even if they have financing available. Who wants to start a 10- to 20-year natural gas project, whether it’s a gas field, pipeline, or LNG (liquified natural gas) terminal, when the current administration is saying it will shut you down in 10 years?

“You’ve got six years, eight years, no more than 10 years or so,” says climate envoy John Kerry. “No one should make it easy for the [natural] gas interests to be building out 30- or 40-year infrastructure.”

The United States has an abundance of coal and natural gas. Yet, natural gas is actually imported, at great cost, to Boston’s LNG facility from Russia, Canada, and the Caribbean due to the lack of pipeline capacity. In late January natural gas from the Algonquin City Gate Hub (near Boston) sold for over $20 per million BTUs, and more than $23 on the futures market. Natural gas from nearby Pennsylvania cost just $4 in January.

4. DISCLOSING THE REAL “CLIMATE RISK”: CASE STUDY: UK “ESG” Billionaire Behind U.S. Climate Regulatory, Litigation Campaigns

  • British billionaire and “ESG” hedge fund manager Sir Christopher Hohn has directed scores of millions of dollars to the climate advocacy industry driving investment to ESG
  • Hohn funds global climate litigation-support infrastructure through a network of groups
  • Profits from Hohn’s hedge-fund operation are run from the UK to underwrite ESG, “climate risk disclosure” and climate litigation to, e.g., the U.S.
  • Despite claims by grant beneficiaries that Hohn’s charity “has a strict policy against funding any activities related to US litigation”, funds granted to a Dutch group heavily financed by Hohn are then transferred to U.S. beneficiaries central to the U.S. climate litigation industry

5. The 29-pages paper is here, 

6. Biden Ahead of Schedule in Destroying US Offshore Oil Production
David Middleton  June 21, 2022

Release Date: Jun. 7, 2022

8. MISCWho’s Still Buying Fossil Fuels From Russia?
By Niccolo Conte  June 22, 2022

9. Somehow Europe should be thankful of Putin. When he became President first time in 2000, he was already a skeptic of climate drama, Russia never signed the Kyoto protocol and kept high investment in oil gas coal, which supported Europe especially Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Italy etc, until 2021 as these countries embrace climate drama and cut investment in oil gas coal exploration and devt. Putin has supported and prolonged their climate illusion. When the invasion happened, they said enough of Russia oil gas but it was already late. They need at least 5 - 10 yrs to develop their own oil gas coal. Now they realize their mistakes belatedly.

10. And PH is gung-ho with more solar-wind. Leandro Legarda-Leviste of Solar Philippines announced 10 GW of solar with battery, 3.5 GW of which in partnership with Razon's Prime Infra.

This is huge... huge uncertainty for power security tomorrow. Since the grid will prioritize solar say 15 hours a day with battery, and my business is thermal plants or nuke, I can only earn revenue in the next 9 hours. Ano yan, panakip butas daily? Wag na lang. And that's where frequent blackouts will stare us in the face several years from now. This is happening now in Japan, happening in Australia, happening in Europe, some states in the US.

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