Monday, November 27, 2023

New, non-woke politics by AfD in Germany

If I were a German citizen, I would have supported and voted for Alternative for Germany (AfD) party especially in the last few years. Why, well it is non-woke, non-socialist, non-climate alarmist, non-welfarist, non-tax hungry and so on. It is anti-mass migration too. Migration is good, legal migration. But illegal migration is not. There are rules, procedures and vetting process before one can migrate to another country to live and work or study, such procedures should be implemented.

Enjoy these reports.

With Germany facing €60 billion budget crisis after top court ruling, the AfD party offers 5 budget cut proposals
Germany is facing a budget crisis after a top court ruling, with the AfD party, sensing weakness from the ruling left-liberal government, now proposing massive budget cuts
JOHN CODY November 27, 2023

1. Deport migrants

The AfD notes that the federal government is spending €27.8 billion on accommodation and care for migrants this year alone, and the party notes that most of them “are no longer allowed to be in Germany.” By deporting migrants en masse, the government could save billions. Other reports have put total spending on migrants in 2023 to be as high as €36 billion.

2. Stop the energy transition

The AfD writes that the “€60 billion declared inadmissible by the Federal Constitutional Court were unlawfully added to the climate budget. Therefore: Stop climate madness immediately, stop the energy transition, and increase nuclear power.”

The AfD notes that the energy transition is costing €30 billion per year. If Germany were to drop sanctions on Russian energy, it would also create an immediate boon for the country’s industrial sector through cheap energy.

3. End weapon deliveries to Ukraine

The federal government has spent €15 billion on Ukraine, including in the form of aid and weapons, and those costs are expected to further balloon. The AfD calls for an immediate halt of arms deliveries and a focus on rebuilding Germany’s armed forces.

4. End frivolous foreign aid handouts

The AfD is also calling for an end to irresponsible spending on foreign countries, noting that the Nigerian government recently boasted about SUVs and yachts for the ruling government after Germany sent it €40 million. In addition, the €4 billion Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised through the “EU-Africa Initiative” may have to be reconsidered in light of the recent German Constitutional Court ruling.

5. Stop paying for beauty services

The last point seems to be more of a political jab at Germany’s ruling class, with the AfD noting that the government is spending a total of €1.5 million for manicures, hairstyles, makeup, and photographers for officials. Although it would ultimately be a drop in the bucket of the overall German budget, cutting these expenditures would be a symbolic victory against wasteful government spending.

Major Setback For German Green Transformation As Top Court Rules Funding Unconstitutional!
By P Gosselin on 21. November 2023
Appropriation of 60 billion euros ruled unconstitutional by Germany High Court

Banning the AfD would be dangerous for democracy, says hard-left firebrand Wagenknecht
The hard-left German politician emerged as an unlikely defender of the Alternative for Germany amid calls for the party to be banned, and reserved some praise for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
THOMAS BROOKE November 14, 2023

Germany: AfD reaches new record high, gains unprecedented 8-point lead over ruling SPD
AfD soars at the same time that Germans rate mass immigration as their most pressing issue
JOHN CODY October 16, 2023

Voters’ top concern is immigration, while climate change becomes a non-issue

Voters also say their top concern is mass immigration, with 44 percent of voters naming this as the most important political problem that politicians should address. This issue towers over the other problems facing the country, with armed conflicts/peace/foreign policy only coming in at 18 percent, while the economy comes in at 11 percent and inflation and taxes at 10 percent.

Regarding the environment and climate change, only 1 percent of Germans list this as the most pressing issue.

Bitter Defeat For Germany’s Ruling Socialist/Green Government In State Elections
By P Gosselin on 8. October 2023
German voters send loud and clear message to the socialist/green government in Berlin

In summary, voters are deeply dissatisfied with the policies of the ruling socialist-green government in Berlin and clearly reject their green schemes and wide open borders.

Renewable-Energy-Critical AfD Party Powers Into Saxony Parliament…”Shocking” Pollsters, Establishment (Again)
By P Gosselin on 1. September 2014

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