Saturday, November 18, 2023

Fiscal Irresponsibility 33, More about the US deficit and debt

Additional papers here, enjoy.

Democrats Should Start Worrying About The Deficit.
Lance Roberts | November 17, 2023

For sixth year, Pentagon fails to account for over $3T
As the White House requests over $100 billion for wars in Israel and Ukraine, the Defense Department continues to operate with little to no oversight of its spending practices
News Desk. NOV 16, 2023

You're Paying for the Israel War. You'll Also Pay for the Refugees.
Ryan McMaken 11/14/2023

The Debt Reaper
By Robert Burrows 14 NOVEMBER 2023

Moody's Cuts USA's Aaa Rating Outlook To 'Negative'; Treasury Dept "Disagrees"
Tyler Durden NOV 11, 2023

2020 vs 2023: Are Economists Making The Same Mistake?
Michael Lebowitz | November 8, 2023

There's No Easy Way Out of This Debt Spiral
Ryan McMaken 11/07/2023 

Is All This Military Spending Really Good for the Economy?

Time To Think 'Quadrillions', As There's 'Zero Fiscal Restraint' In D.C.
" having 12 policymakers and 400 PhDs at the Fed who set the interest rate, that's not a free market."

Doug Casey on the Imminent Bankruptcy of the US Government
by Doug Casey

Running on Empty
by Jeff Thomas

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