Thursday, November 30, 2023

Climate 105, On COP 28, $1 trillion loss-damage fund, ESG

The UNFCCC COP 28 meeting is starting today in Dubai. As usual, it will be a prolonged meeting about money, how many $ billion yearly from countries X to countries Y. Enjoy these reports.

Woke capitalism's comeuppance: investments in trendy 'ESG' assets collapsed by $5 trillion in just two years, as Republican backlash and tumbling wind and solar stocks upend the sector

Global ESG assets fell from $35.3 trillion to $30.3 trillion between 2020 and 2022

They are now declining in market share by 5 percent each year, report says  

By JAMES REINL 29 November 2023


Volkswagen to reduce headcount at 'no longer competitive' VW brand
Reuters November 28, 2023

Loss & Damage Fund will be key test for COP28 success on climate finance

Finance is set to be at the heart of COP28, the UN climate summit starting on Thursday in Dubai, with economists saying that around $1 trillion per year is needed to support developing countries in their fight against climate change.
By Isabel da Silva 27/11/2023

Germany’s Lindner signals government to suspend debt brake for 2023
As Germany grapples with a budget crisis, the finance minister said the government will declare an ‘extraordinary emergency.’


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