Monday, November 13, 2023

Deindustrialization 21, UK update, Net zero religion

Readers, enjoy these papers.

1. The Intermittency Problem with Wind Power Generation in Great Britain
Guy Faulkner  Nov. 10, 2023

2. Scramble to keep UK wind farm project alive as developer mulls private power deals
├śrsted considers giving up government support for Hornsea 3 amid concerns over rising costs
Matt Oliver  4 November 2023

3. Britain risks becoming dependent on oil and gas imports as North Sea production dries up
Fossil fuel output will dwindle to near zero over the next two to three decades
Jonathan Leake 26 October 2023

4. MATT RIDLEY: The official true cost of net zero is the same as spending £1 a SECOND for the next 31,000 years!
By MATT RIDLEY 18 October 2023

5. The green energy net-zero plan will require a command economy
And several technological impossibilities, and a massive drop in living standards
MICHAEL KELLY 11 October 2023

6. Britain is turning its back on one of the major successes of this decade
Failure to harness fracking is a scandal of epic proportions
MATTHEW LYNN 8 October 2023

7. Poll: Majority of Scots fear household costs of net zero transition
Exclusive by Kathleen Nutt 8th October 2023

8. Labour plans to ‘rewire Britain’ with electricity pylons across countryside
Party ‘open to all ideas’ as it sets out intentions to tackle lack of grid capacity
Jonathan Leake 8 October 2023

9. Net zero has ‘become a religion’, says Energy Secretary
Claire Coutinho defends Rishi Sunak’s decision to water down green ambitions, saying it would be ‘immoral’ to ‘impoverish’ people in the UK
Daniel Martin 2 October 2023

10. The true cost of net zero? Ruinously high bills, for decades
Abandoning gas will leave us exposed to the expensive pitfalls of renewable energy
NEIL RECORD 2 October 2023

11. First the United Kingdom, now Sweden: As the European economy falters, Net Zero plans are retooled from hard deadlines to moving walls of future utopian aspiration

As The Transition To Green Energy Crumbles, Funding For The Climate Scare Soars
November 08, 2023/ Francis Menton

Czech Physicist: Claims Net Zero Would Be Cheap And Easy Are “Completely Insane”
By P Gosselin on 7. November 2023

EU Abandons Another Costly Net Zero Reform

Shell exits US SouthCoast wind farm contract, agrees to pay penalty
Reuters November 2, 2023

Renewables are useless: The Evidence is Overwhelming
Eric Worrall  March 29, 2016

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