Saturday, April 04, 2020

Government centralizing foreign and private donations

The big lesson in this China virus scare is to decentralize, not more centralization. Centralized transpo like MRT and LRT should be avoided, centralized shopping like malls being avoided. Lockdowns and regional, provincial quarantines mean each LGU and area should find ways to control the spread of the virus, another decentralization. Tmplementation of lockdown is further  decentralized as Brgy leaders make their own quarantine systems, allow or disallow people from moving.

Donations by nature are voluntary and decentralized. When government wants to centralize, we can expect further centralized corruption.

UPDATED: Duterte wants donations to gov’t in fight vs COVID-19 managed by OCD
By: Krissy Aguilar - Reporter / / 12:27 PM April 01, 2020

Through Administrative Order no. 27, Duterte established a framework wherein these donations to the government and the DOH to address COVID-19 crisis will be coordinated and transmitted to the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) for consolidation.

This covers donations from foreign governments, private entities, non-governmental organizations, or any group or individual.

People who donated for various fund drive for PGH, etc., would we entrust our cash to Malacanang officials? Kung sila Malacanang din lang naman, we'd rather keep our money or buy beer.

Then a post was circulated on socmed analysing that Sen. Bong Go intends to control the various donations, siphon to his “Malasakit Centers” in government hospitals and he will get the credit, use the credit grabbing for 2022 elections.

I think this is something like 80% true. The other 20% I think is to know which agencies get lots of private donations and by the law of envy, do not give these agencies extra funding from the Emergency law's new billions of pesos. Siphon to other agencies or LGUs that are known to be loyal to the administration.

The Malasakit Centers are pure credit grabbing offices for Sen. Bong Go. I realized this when I attended the DOH Advisory Council meeting last March 6, Axiaa hotel in QC. I asked the DOH presenter what's the fiscal cost, additional spending, that the centers will take considering we have the expanded universal HC law already, about P200B a year and rising.

The one who answered is a consultant of Bong Go, he said no extra funding. The Malasakit Centers will just somehow centralize all funding from Philhealth, PCSO, Pagcor, Congressmen, LGUs, etc. then assist poor patients how to access these, go out with zero balance with the hosp. Magaleeeng.

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