Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Climate 97, Econ and infra implications of a cooling planet

It's late February already and still raining here in our part of the tropics, thank you La Nina and continued cooling. On normal season in Luzon area, rainy season is June to October, occasional rains in November-December. The rest are dry months.

That "unprecedented, unequivocal man-made" Gorebal warming, where art thou? See the charts...

This year, many cold days and nights were recorded.

Dozens or hundreds of scientific papers published in 2020 alone showing that planet Earth was warmer in the past than today,

Skeptic Papers 2020 (1)
A Warmer Past: Non-Hockey Stick Reconstructions

Skeptic Papers 2020 (2) 
Solar Influence On Climate

Check also these weird stories:

Climate change: Snowy UK winters could become thing of the past 
By Justin Rowlatt  6 December 2020

Snow may not settle in most of UK by end of century, study suggests 
Climate crisis likely to cause warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers, says Met Office
PA Media  Last modified on Mon 7 Dec 2020 11.47 GMT

BBC One Planet Special 2007 0302 - predictions of warmer winters, for UK & Northern Hemisphere

Snowjobs are just a thing of the past…er, present 
Anthony Watts   2013February22

Meanwhile, here are the economic and infra implications of a cooling planet:

1. More open pit mining needed, then leave the open deep crater as man-made lake to help store more rain water and reduce flash flood.

2. More dredging of creeks, rivers and lakes to minimize flash flooding.

3. More dams and weir (big and small), more hydro power plants needed.

4. Less solar farms, solar hates shade -- from clouds, rains and tall trees. Solar the most anti-green of all energy sources.

5. Public health, more focus on water- flood- and mosquito-borne killer diseases: malaria, dengue, leptospirosis, etc.

6. Housing, more sturdy high rise structures, less kubo-kubo or bungalow type.

7. Abolish CCC, other "save the planet" bureaucracies and junkets, reallocate public funds for more sturdy roads, bridges, etc.

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