Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Energy 139, Immediate impact of Biden policies vs fracking, killing Keystone pipeline

See world oil prices rising fast as soon as it is clear that Biden will indeed cancel or kill fracking in federal lands, meaning drastic cut in US oil-gas output. 

Russia main exports (about 50% of total) are oil-gas-coal, not missiles or jetfighters.
High US oil-gas output means lower world oil-gas prices, Putin/Russia and OPEC unhappy.
Low US oil-gas output means higher world oil-gas prices, Putin/Russia and OPEC are happy.

See these recent reports:

US oil output 2021 projected to decline,

Saudi and OPEC cutting output to further raise prices,

While Russia will raise output, to raise its market share,

Meanwhile, observe this pattern:

When Obama was re-elected, no campaign promise of killing fracking, US oil output continued rising.

When Trump was elected, with campaign promise of drill-baby-drill and more fracking, US oil output continued rising.

When Biden was elected, with campaign promise to kill fracking, with EO on day 1 (Jan. 20) to cancel oil gas drilling in federal lands, US oil output is flat.


Peak US crude oil production was 13.10 million barrels per day (mbpd) end-February 2020, pre-lockdowns. Production in Dec. 2016 (Obama last full month) was 8.77 mbpd. So there was an increase of 4.33 mbpd in 3 years and 2 months or an increase of about 1.35 mbpd per year under Trump.

Other impact of Biden policies, below. Notice how Democrat state New Mexico, Democrat unions, now worry about their beloved Democrat President.

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