Saturday, September 04, 2010

Climate loans racket, part 2

(Note: this is a continuation of the earlier topic here, Climate loans racket last August 6, 2010)

The ADB would be lending the Philippines $280M ADB loan for more tricycles, electric tricycles. See the report here last August 25, 2010,
Government eyes P12.7-B ADB loan to fund shift to environment-friendly transport system. Portions of the report said,

THE Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) plans to use a $280-million (P12.7-billion) soft loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to promote the shift in the country to environment-friendly public transport or from gasoline-fed to electrically fueled engines.

Paje said that initially, the ADB will donate 30 e-tricycles or trikes that run on electric power to be pilot-tested by local government units.

In the first place, we need less tricycles, we need less jeepneys. If the ADB top officials don't agree with that, I propose that tricycles be allowed to ply around ADB avenue.

Secondly, we need less climate loans racket. It could be enough to say,
"more foreign aid to save the poor", but not "more foreign aid to save the planet".
What the officials of those foreign aid bodies do not say is "more foreign aid to save ourselves."

January this year, the ADB also lent the government of Thailand $300 million "to help finance investment in energy conservation and environmental preservation programmes." The article in The Bangkok Post, ADB sets aside B9.94bn loan for green projects in Thailand, reported that

"The World Bank, the ADB and other development banks are responsible for managing $6.24 billion in funds pledged by donor countries such as the US, Japan, Germany and Australia as part of a global initiative to help developing countries finance initiatives to combat climate change."

For those wanting to see regularly updated scientific data on climate, like sea surface station (SST), sea level height (SSH), check this site,

See if there indeed was "alarming man-made warming" before foreign aid institutions like the WB and ADB will pursue more climate loans racket,

The advantage of that site is that it presents only data, zero discussion or interpretation and hence, free from politics and alarmism. And many data are updated everyday, I think.

If one is in the mood to chew more scientific data, check global sea ice extent for both Arctic and Antarctica, with satellite picture, also updated daily,

See if statements like "ever melting polar ice" have scientific basis or simply parroted to expand the idiocy of "man-made warming" religion, to make huge money for certain sectors. Like climate loans racket.

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