Wednesday, September 08, 2010

No water crisis, only alarmism crisis

It is now September, the sky is mostly dark because of the clouds if not rains falling. Many environmental NGOs, government agencies, even held a "La Nina summit" last month to prepare for lots of rains and flooding. But some sectors still parrot the "water crisis" situation until now. That the "water crisis" was due to global warming, or was due to water privatization. These claims and hypothesis are wrong.

In my article last July, Water deficit and alarmism surplus, I argued that the so-called "water crisis" was an engineering problem and not a climate change problem.

Here's another proof, from the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) website itself. As of today, September 8, 2010:

Ipo Dam: current elevation, 99.67 meters;
spilling level, 101 meters.
Alert level: normal.

Lamesa Dam: current elevation, 79.30 meters;
spilling level, 80,15 meters.
Alert level: normal.

Angat Dam: current elevation, 173.10 meters;
spilling level, 217 meters.
Alert level: normal.

See the point above? While Ipo and Lamesa dams are near their spilling levels, Angat dam is still far from its spilling level.

If it was because of "man-made global warming" or because of "capitalist ownership of water supply", then Ipo and Lamesa dams should also experience the same situation as Angat, water level are too far from the spilling level. Ipo and Lamesa should experience the same level of "capitalist exploitation" and "alarming prolonged drought" as Angat dam. But it is not the case.

Blame water supply management or other engineering problems by Maynilad Water (Lopez group), or earlier government intervention in the use of Angat's water supply last year.

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