Thursday, June 10, 2010

Al Gore politics in Manila

Former US Vice-President Al Gore spoke in a big forum in Manila the other day, June 8, dubbed “Al Gore Live in Manila”. I did not attend of course, knowing that this politician will peddle political science masqueraded as climate science.

Since I did not attend, I checked some newspapers in Manila yesterday about the event. Here are some of them, along with some quotes on those reports. I did not catch the other papers though.

(1) Climate crusader gets warm welcome

By Volt Contreras
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:37:00 06/09/2010

“…images and charts hammering down apocalyptic warnings: ancient glaciers receding if not totally vanishing in a matter of decades, lakes and rivers drying up, stronger storms, droughts in areas where there used to be none, and flooding in towns… global warming and resulting “shifts in the seasons” have led to the resurgence of diseases that were once declared under control, and the emergence of new viruses, as in the case of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).”

(2) Al Gore cites RP efforts in renewable energy

Written by Ma. Stella F. Arnaldo / Special to the BusinessMirror
TUESDAY, 08 JUNE 2010 23:21

“…Gore pointed to Typhoon Ondoy (“Ketsana”) which struck the Philippines on September 26, 2009, as one of the examples of global warming’s impact. The typhoon dumped 341 mm. of rainfall in Metro Manila and outlying provinces in just six hours. Many low-lying cities and municipalities were flooded with 20 feet of water and remained so for a week.”

(3) Saving the environment deemed profitable
Posted on 10:29 PM, June 08, 2010

“…warmer oceans are resulting in more numbers of stronger hurricanes and larger volumes of rainfall. "That’s why we’re getting stronger ocean-based storms... You had a series of giant typhoons. It was just a horrible situation you had to endure," he said flashing photos of flood-stricken Luzon which was hit by tropical storm Ondoy late last year.”

(4) Gore to Pinoys: Take a stand on climate change

By Rhodina Villanueva (The Philippine Star) Updated June 09, 2010 12:00 AM

“A clear manifestation of global warming, he said, the occurrence of storms worldwide.
“It has been increasing the odds of experiencing or having more of these giant storms in our respective countries as what scientists say,” Gore said.”

Some comments:

It is terrible to hear or read about “glaciers receding or totally vanishing due to global warming”, then “stronger storms and flooding in towns due to global warming.” Haaa? Even severe winter, severe rains, flooding and cooling are due to global warming?

Much of news reports and literatures of the warmers are narrative, not quantitative. One can take a picture of one side of the north pole or the south pole as having “less ice than usual” and make a 3 pages or more “special report” about it. But if one is to report about the ice area of the whole north pole or south pole, you need to produce a chart with numbers for the whole area.

Al Gore and the UN IPCC are fooling us with their climate political science. There is no “catastrophic man-made global warming” happening like vanishing ice and glaciers, continuously-rising global temperature, and so on.

Will just show 3 charts here – ice thickness in the Arctic (north pole), Antarctica (south pole) and global temperature based on satellite measurements of the Earth’s troposphere.

(1) Arctic ice thickness: No “catastrophic” loss of ice.


(2) Antarctica: No “catastrophic” loss of ice.


(3) Global tropospheric temperature: No “catastrophic” global warming. Global cooling is developing, instead.


Conclusion: The Earth is not in danger. There is no need for more environmental regulations, more energy taxation, more global and national climate bureaucracies, more global climate meetings, more global ecological central planning.

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