Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 29, lots of forum

This coming Tuesday, June 29, 2010, there are lots of forum that I know.

1. Interdisciplinary Conference on Caritas in Veritate, Univ. of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), Ortigas, whole day. Free, no registration fee.

2. Forum on Universal Health Care, Univ. of the Philippines, College of Public Administration, whole day. Sponsored by WomanHealth, CHAT, other groups. Also Free.

3. Power Forum, NEDA sa Makati Building, Amorsolo St., 1-5pm, sponsored by the Philippine Economic Society (PES). Free for PES members, non-members pay P1,000.

4. Coal forum, Edsa Shangrila, Ortigas, 1-5pm, sponsored by Platts. By invite, free.

5. Global public debt troubles: the next phase of the global crisis?
Balay Internasyonal, UP Diliman, 2-5pm, sponsored by IBON Foundation, free.

I'm sure there are other fora somewhere else on the same day. And I wonder why they have to happen on the same day, just when I'm interested to attend ALL of them... So will skip some and attend some.

The next day, June 30, will be the inauguration of the next President of the Philippines. He will be in power for the next 6 years, and the outgoing President who has been in power for the past 9 years, will bow down.

I think that in many of those fora before the June 30 inauguration, the organizers or sponsors will submit some recommendations to the incoming administration.

Personally, unless those fora and papers will have new data to show and new perspectives to offer, I don't think they should be forwarded to the incoming administration.

I believe that any political party that wins an election already has a definite program of action. It is sort of its "social contract" with the voters. The political party was saying, "Vote for us, we will implement the following." And the voters are also saying, "we voted for you, we hope you will implement what you promised to us."

That's why I never joined any group or any online networking sites that gave "unsolicited advice" to the incoming administration. Let the winning political party implement what it promised to the voters prior to the elections. But I respect the opinion of other people who gave unsolicited advice to the new government. It's just that I don't believe I should join them.

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