Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drug price control 12: Blog posts on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing

Last Friday night, August 12, I wrote this:

Next week, August 15, the drug price control policy of the Philippine government will mark its second year anniversary. Did it achieve its goal of making branded drugs, some still patented drugs, by multinational pharma companies become more affordable to the poor? That will be the subject of my paper next week as I do some review of the literature online.

Another exercise, I typed "drug price control" in google, yahoo, and bing/MSN, and I was happily surprised of the result.

Two of my papers on the subject landed on page 1 of google, #s 9 and 10 -- Part 8 of my discussion series on the subject, "Advertising and government pharma corporation" and Part 1, "IPR and taxes on medicines."

In yahoo, my paper "Drug price control: 1 year of failure" managed to land on page 1, at #10. It's fine.

Finally, in and, three of my papers are in the top 10 articles :-) They are on #s 5, 6 and 7. Numbers 5 and 7 are from this blog, while no. 6 is from the MG website, the long paper that I presented in a conference in Singapore in October 2009.

I don't use any modern SEO technique, I just write as much as my time would allow, then post in this blog. That is why I am happy that a number of my blog articles here are able to land on page 1 or the top 10 articles of those top 3 search engines on the issue of "drug price control".

See also the earlier search, Drug price control 10: Blog posts on page 1 of Bing, Google and Yahoo, June 09, 2011.

Today, I made the search more specific. If you type "drug price control Philippines" on all 3 big search engines, the results are more amazing, at least for me :-)

Two of the top 10 articles there were my papers. #4 is "Access to medicines through politics..." posted in the MG website (it's 32 pages long, that's why), and #7 is "Drug price control 6: Exploring just one price for each drug".

An article by James Hookway posted in WSJ, then reposted in Manila Bulletin, were #s 2 and 5. I was among the persons interviewed and quoted by James in his article.

In bing or, 3 out of the top 10 articles are my papers. #1 is "Access to medicines through politics". #5 is "Politics of health cost containment: Philippines", also posted in the MG website (21 slides powerpoint). And #7 is "2 Opinions on drug price control."

Finally, google. Five in top 10 or page one of google search were my papers. #1 is "Drug price control 1: IPR and taxes on medicines", #2 is "Drug price control 10: Blog posts on page 1 of google, bing and yahoo." #5 is "Politics of health cost containment: Philippines", #7 is "Philippines: One year after drug price control" posted in Liberty Institute website, Delhi, India. And #8 is "Double drug price control and acronym politics" posted in the online magazine,

My article on "Two years of drug price control" will be coming out from this online magazine later today or tomorrow.

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