Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Climate stupidity 17: Cooling is caused by warming

(Note: this is my article yesterday in with original title, Extended Cooling and the Brown Economy)

By “extended cooling”, I refer to the return of La Nina which started in May 2010 and ended around May 2011, and has returned this month. Two graphs are shown below, the upper graph is from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) for Nino Region 3.4 of equatorial Pacific Ocean. The lower graph is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the US Department of Commerce.  Both and many other graphs are easily available at WUWT’s ENSO page,

This is a “double dip” La Nina that would be similar to, or worse than, the 2007-2008 global cooling.
By “brown economy”, I refer to the frequent flooding and the brownish water from mud that we have been experiencing this year and in recent years. Remember typhoon “Frank” in 2008 (sinking of the boat ‘Princess of the Stars’, heavy flooding for 1 week in the several Western Visayas provinces), typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng” in 2009.
As of this writing, typhoon “Mina” has been hovering the eastern side of the country for several days now. The Sun has been invisible almost everyday for two weeks now due to the thick clouds in the sky.
The return of La Nina has been confirmed by several “sophisticated, modern” climate models and if they turn out right, we will have a period up to 2 C colder than normal temperature sometime in March 2012. La Nina might also extend beyond July 2012, making the current La Nina among the longest in recent decades.
The implication is quite obvious: people should prepare for more rains and more flood, not more drought as the warming racket have been saying. People should prepare for rising rivers and lakes, not rising ocean.
Over at the northern and southern hemisphere of the planet, specifically the Arctic and Antarctica, there is no such thing as “alarming” melting of ice in either places. The two graphs below show that the ice there simply melt and grow each year, zero exception. Statements like “ice-free Arctic/Antarctica” are simply wrong and outright lies.
What the warming fanatics usually do is to take a pictures of some big iceberg that have  separated and drifted away from the main ice mass, write a scary article about it as proof of a warming planet towards an “ice free Arctic summer in just 5-10 years”.
But why take pictures of those icebergs when satellite pictures of the entire Arctic and Antarctica areas are publicly and freely available, updated daily? See these two satellite pictures below.

As of this week, there were about 5 million sq.kms. of ice in the Arctic, and about 17 million sq.kms. of ice in Antarctica. How big are those areas? Well, the Philippines’ total land area is 0.3 million sq. kms.
Finally, the warming racket keeps blaming human CO2 emission like more coal power plants, more emission from our cars, buses, airplanes, boats, tractors, as the cause of global warming. This claim has been disproven several times. Take this graph for instance: global coal consumption has been rising fast over the past decade, while global temperature has been flat or declining.  Graph source: P. Gosselin,

Nature keeps telling the warmers, “Shut up, warming-cooling cycles are the reality of my existence.”

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