Tuesday, August 08, 2017

On the US stockmarkets' consistent rise

I see lots of negative stories and reports about the US government and US leadership, for weeks and months. But business confidence, especially the US stock markets show positive stories, all-time high. Where is the big disconnect coming from?
In this chart, data as of yesterday, US' DJIA vs Germany's DAX, last 3 months.

I check the headlines of BBC, CNN, NYT, etc., they hardly report this good news. High growth in the stock market means high confidence in most companies listed there, which can be a proxy for high confidence in the overall economic and business environment.

I think many businessmen/women both in the US and abroad are clapping Mr. Trump's business policies, especially in energy. The US has over-taken Saudi as the #1 oil producer. It has overtaken Russia as #1 gas producer. The next question is if the US will become a #1 oil and gas exporter.

I remember when DJ reached 20,000 few months ago, many anti-T guys were predicting a "crash very soon". Now I think they will predict another round of "crash very soon." But that`s not what US innovation and companies are headed to. They are generally going up. 

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