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Agri Econ 28, SE Asia rice production is rising, not declining

"Man-made" climate change (CC) / global warming is causing SE Asia rice harvest to decline? Another proof that the climate alarmism movement is based on dishonesty, deception and lies. SE Asia rice production keeps rising, not falling.

Climate Change Causing Southeast Asia Rice Harvests to “Dwindle”… NOT!
David Middleton / November 14, 2018

Crop losses are caused more by rising rivers and lakes, heavy flooding by monsoon rains, not by rising sea level. And here is the climate alarmism article from the Straits Times, it keeps harping about "rising sea level", far out. 

Last July, the Philippines, Central and North Luzon in particular, experienced bad monsoon, about 2 weeks of rains day and night. Many rice fields were heavily flooded, young crops were damaged, some farmers have to replant. By August, another monsoon, 1 week of rains day and night, another round of crop losses for many rice farmers. Also bangus/milk fish farmers, their fish cages were overflowing with water, hundreds of thousands of caged fishes escaped and began swimming on the roads and streets. By September, a strong storm "Mangkhut" that dumped huge volume of rain water again aside from its strong winds. Good that somehow many crops survived and there were harvests last October.

We need more dams to 'harvest' and store lots of rain water during the wet season yearly, reduce flash flood. We also need large-scale dredging of many rivers and lakes that become depository of eroded soil, mud during flash flooding. But governments would rather spend huge tax money on many climate bureaucracies, climate meetings and junkets, in the country and abroad. Very wasteful.

In terms of absolute production, the giant rice producers are #1 Indonesia, #2 Vietnam, #3 Thailand, #4 Myanmar. PH only #5. One reason is huge rice lands devoted to rice farming in those top 4 countries. VN and TH for instance have about 10-11 M hectares each for rice farming alone, PH has about 4.4 M hectares.   Chart from the WUWT article.

CC is REAL, it is true. But it is not man-made, it is nature-made. It is natural, and cyclical. We've had CC since the planet was born 4.6 B years ago, we have CC now, and we'll have CC in the next 4 B years or so. Warming-cooling-warming-cooling-warming-cooling....

In 24 hours, it’s day-night cycle.
In a year in the tropics, it’s wet-dry cycle.
In the N and S Hemisphere, it’s winter-spring-summer-fall cycle.
In the ocean, it’s El Nino-La Nina cycle (about 6 years on average)
In the atmosphere, it’s water evaporation-condensation cycle.
In the Sun, it’s solar maximum-minimum cycle (every 11 yrs on average).
Then there are hydrogen cycle, carbon cycle, etc.

The climate alarmism movement is a denier. Deny that there is warming-cooling cycle. Deny that CC is natural and cyclical. Deny that global warming happened in the past even with zero car, mall, coal plant. Deny that global cooling will happen after the global warming phase. Deny that CO2, the gas that humans and animals exhale, the gas that plants and trees need to produce their own food, is a useful gas.

Even IRRI joins the climate alarmism movement and does not recognize that CC is natural and cyclical. After the medieval warm period (MWP), it was followed by the little ice age (LIA) that ended in mid-1800s, then global warming resumed, the modern warm period, now we are in a transition towards global cooling phase. We should expect more rains and flood, not less. We should have more dams, not more climate bureaucracies and junkets.

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