Saturday, May 02, 2020

Covid 7, Most US Covid deaths are due to comorbidity

The US has the biggest number of deaths in absolute amount worldwide. As of May 2, 2020, 11pm PH time, total reported Covid deaths were 240,488. Of which from the US are 65,886, followed by Italy with 28,000+, UK with 27,500, Spain with 25,000+, France with 24,600, and so on.

My main question always remains -- are these deaths mainly if not solely due to China virus or Covid-19, or due to comorbidity but counted as Covid deaths?

I checked the US weekly mortality data. As of March 01, only 1 reported Covid death in the US; March 15 with 73 Covid deaths, March 31 with 5,151 deaths and so on. So I started the comparison in week #10 of 2020, March 1-7. Latest complete data is week #16, April 12-18. Then I compared weekly deaths in 2020 vs same week deaths in 2019, 2018, 2017.

The result? There are actually less deaths in March-April 2020 with pandemic, than same months in previous years with no pandemic.

Here are the Excel numbers where the chart was derived.

These preliminary numbers somehow show that many, the majority of those Covid deaths in the US are due to comorbidity. People who actually died of cancer, diabetes, stroke, pneumnia, hypertension, respiratory infections, etc. and because of their poor immune system, tested positive for Covid and were later reported as Covid deaths.

The hysteria has weak legs.

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