Monday, April 09, 2018

Clamping vs towing of vehicles in Metro Manila

Towing and clamping of vehicles for various types of "illegal parking" is a big business for LGUs in Metro Manila, from MMDA to city/municipal governments. I think there is a silent competition between MMDA and city governments to get more money from motorists.

I took this photo in Bagtikan St., Makati last March 06. This car has intruded into the pedestrian lane, Makati City Hall personnel has clamped it, fine is P1,900.

April 5, Talisay St., Makati. Not far from Bagtikan St. Also clamped by Makati LGU personnel.

April 6 evening, not far from Zubu Chon resto, Talisay st. Makati. 3 cars that evening.

There are exemptions to clamping, of course. This office/resto on the left has several parked cars near the intersection of Bagtikan-Kamagong Sts. Makati, almost daily but none seems to have been clamped. Maybe the owner of the place has friends up high in Makati City Hall?

It's not all bad as I notice that traffic flow has also improved with one-side street parking, instead of the previous two-sides parking. The big problem is insufficient paid parking areas, forcing some motorists to gamble parking very briefly and risk their cars being towed or clamped within a brief period, or not bringing their cars, or avoid going to Makati as much as possible.

These motorcycles, illegally parked in an intersection of Buendia avenue and Axa building. If these are owned by ordinary mortals, they will be towed or clamped.

But the owners of these motorcycles are "not ordinary" citizens, they are personnel/employees of Makati City Hall apprehending and issuing violation tickets/fines at people who violate the anti-pedestrian crossing regulation. In short, they can violate traffic rules because they will not be penalized by their fellow City Hall employees and friends.

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