Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Post-Holy week penitence

Belated holy week penitencia. High taxes and politics never fail to inflict pain on the public. At least five instances here. 
(this photo I got from SunStar)

(1) Economist sees nearly 6% inflation in May-June
Czeriza Valencia (The Philippine Star) - March 28, 2018

“(Alvin) Ang said inflation for 2018 is expected to peak in May to June which coincides with the opening of the new school year and the financial preparations for such, during which inflation is expected to peak “close to six percent.”

“The effect of TRAIN (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) is still not fully felt, so this is a continuing impact of TRAIN. The full-blown impact of TRAIN will be in May to June so  there will be two more months of adjustments,” he said.

Malacanang horror-comedy...

(2) 'Apostle' Andanar likens Duterte to Jesus
Updated as of Oct 06 2016 11:42 PM

And the "Jesus of the Philippines" has this mouth....

(3) Duterte: Yan mga NPA naglalaway sa mga baril natin, tayo sa babae lang

(4) DOTR horror-comedy. Sec. Tugade, nagpapara ng bus to lecture the driver of his violation – bus overloading. But the bus is near empty (March 30, 2018)

(5) As recommended closure nears, fate of almost 30k Boracay workers hangs in balance
Published March 30, 2018 4:10pm

Boracay closure for 6-12 months, I think there is plan by Duterte business cronies to force the bankruptcy of some or many resorts there, the non-chain hotels especially, then local cronies + China Communist Party cronies will come in big swoop, gobble up the fledgling and losing resorts, then Boracay will be "open to the world" again.

On rising inflation, this comedy is not from Malacanang but from TRAIN rah-rah boys Action for Economic Reforms (AER). Governmentt and NGO, they speak and argue the same language, blurred difference bet govt and "non-govt", jokers. http://bworldonline.com/inflation-become-bogeyman/

Notice that this rising inflation does not include yet fare adjustments by jeepneys, bus lines, truckers, shipping lines, airlines. I think Malacanang and LTFRB/MARINA/CAB will not grant those fare hikes this year, "CSR" na lang daw ng oil companies. Then by January 2019, another oil price hikes by TRAIN law, then rah-rah boys will produce again another article of "inflation bogeyman", ayos. Govt and "non-govt", they speak the same.

Ateneo Economics Department should produce more Alvin Ang who can objectively see the inflationary pressure of energy tax hikes. Another Ateneo economist and former NEDA chief has been pushing hard for higher electricity price hikes via huge coal tax, P600/ton (vs P50/ton in 2018, P100 in 2019, P150 in 2020). Make coal power become expensive, silent on natgas which is another fossil fuel, because he is a Board of Director of FirstGen and silent about it, does not disclose it when he writes. Unlike Romeo Bernardo who honestly and transparently discloses his affiliations with Ayala, Aboitiz Power, Phinma Energy, before he opens his mind about energy policies.

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