Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Inequality 35, Forbes' billionaires 2018

Compared to other billionaires, Elon Musk is not that rich actually. The PH's richest man has more money than him :-) But people often mention Elon nonetheless. Forbes' 2018 billionaires.

April 1 this year, there was one headline saying that "Elon to buy facebook then delete it." It's a "fool's day" news of course. Comparing the wealth of Zuckerberg and Musk, the non-fool's day headline might be "Mark to buy Tesla and convert all of their cars to gas engines." And make money even without any government subsidy.

Without US govt subsidy (about $7,500/car) for Tesla cars that Elon sell, he could be a single digit billionaire only, somewhere 150th+. Real time wealth, Musk is now at #66 with $18.1 B.

If family wealth is considered, the richest people in the planet are the Waltons, owners of Walmart. Combined wealth of Jim, Robson and Alice is $138 B. Second would be the Koch brothers with $120 B. 3rd-4th would be Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

On Trump, he is "poor" compared to these guys. Henry Sy and family would be at least 6x richer than him. A friend commented that Trump's wealth was "propped up by money from the Russian Mob". Wrong info. I read one Forbes article saying that his wealth has declined by $0.4 B, he's at #766 with only $3.1 B in the 2018 billionaires' list.
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