Monday, August 13, 2018

Climate Tricks 71, "Rising ocean" when reality is rising rivers, lakes

The climate alarmism movement is all about creating unnecessary or false alarm and worries to the people. They warn of “rising ocean” when reality shows that we are more engulfed with rising creeks, rivers and lakes, resulting in flooded farms, streets and villages.

The past three weeks, Metro Manila and many surrounding provinces have experienced many days of prolonged rains known as "Habagat" or south-west monsoon. Late this week, especially last Friday-Saturday, many areas experienced heavy rains and flooding. Photo here from Jaysus Reyes, 4am Saturday, SM Marikina.

Also a video of swollen Marikina River as of this morning,

A friend posted photos of flooding in his area in Antipolo, 4am also last Saturday.

Another friend posted this morning that he was on the road, Marcos highway in Marikina for nine hours, he got home around 6am today.

Recently I saw the San Carlos-Binmaley-Lingayen area also in Pangasinan. Lots of previous fishponds are now covered with soil, soon new houses or buildings will rise. Those fishponds used to be temporary water catchments during heavy rains, now they are covered by soil and cement. More flooding will be expected in those areas.

We should have sustained, regular, large-scale, yearly dredging of creeks, rivers and lakes to expand their water carrying capacity and hence, minimize frequent street flooding. This will be expensive, so we should cut or abolish funding for the Climate Change Commission (CCC), reduce DENR and LGUs’ funding for endless climate meetings and junkets.

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