Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rule of law 28, Some policemen as law violators

I took this photo last Friday around 2pm, Buendia, Makati City. A policeman on motorcycle with no plate. A civilian doing this might have his vehicle confiscated by the police.

And these are from my old albums, sometime 2016. A Makati policeman parking his motorcycle in a No Parking area, front of Tiara Oriental Hotel.

Also 2016, a police van counter-flowing then making a left turn in a No Left Turn intersection, Chino Roces-Kamagong streets.

Hi PNP -- you have a very important role in society, to help preserve peace and order, to help protect the citizens' right to life, right to private property. It is important therefore that you as officers to enforce laws and ensure citizens' freedom should be followers, not violators, of the laws you are mandated to enforce without exception. I hope there will be continuing reforms to instill this in the mind of your officers, that you are not above the law. That the laws and regulations apply also to you and your superiors, not just to ordinary civilians.

Thank you.

Bienvenido Oplas, Jr.

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