Monday, September 15, 2014

Rule of Law 24: Policemen as Violators of Traffic Rules

This photo is circulated in facebook today, should have been taken  recently. Can you count the violations? (1) no helmet, (2) no plate, (3) no side mirrors, what else.

The same three (at least) violations. Pogi at asteg daw kasi pag walang helmet. Basta may baril.

Riding in tandem. :-) No helmets, seems no plate too.

See the two traffic enforcers. Deadma lang, If the violator is a government officer, all violations are waived and allowed.

(1) No helmet, (2) using a mobile phone while driving, (c) no side mirrors, and possibly no plate too?

"Importante itong ka-text ko. Naiwanan ko pa nga helmet ko sa kakamadali."

Good officer, with a helmet. But texting and driving, no side mirrors.

"No left turn" rule applies only to ordinary mortals and motorists.

Of course, not all policemen are law violators. A few are helpful to  civilians and ordinary mortals like us. Like this officer. Hats off, ser.

Not PNP personnel but MMDA guys. Stopping and waiting inside the yellow X.

If the police want to be respected, they themselves should obey the rules. Many of them are law violators. Parking on No Parking signs, making a counter-flow on one-way streets, making a U-turn on No U-turn intersections, and so on.

No wonder some people call it, "PNP: We Serve and Protect (Ourselves and Our Superiors)"

All photos above I got from TOP GEAR fb group.

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