Saturday, January 04, 2020

Jayant Bhandari on Democracy, Trump and Soleimani

Among my most vocal, very frank libertarian friends is Jayant Bhandari, an Indian investment consultant based in Canada, He also organizes a yearly libertarian conference in Vancouver, “Capitalism and Morality”

Below I copy-paste his FB posts this new year 2020. Many of his friends comment on his original thread, Jayant’s response are in the next paragraphs. I don't agree with all of his points but I like his frankness and consistency in arguing for individual freedom and responsibility. Am very happy to personally met him few years ago when he came to Manila to visit some of his clients. Great stuff, Jayant, thanks.

January 1, on democracy:

Because “democracy” is a religion, it never gets challenged. The reason why Iraq is in worse shape now before trillions were spent making it democratic is that democracy enables the psychology of the masses to get higher representation in the institutions. Psychology of the masses is nothing but feelings, emotions, superstitions, and religious indoctrination. Without the constraining forces of reason, the society invariably become increasingly feral. Democracy is anti-civilization.

January 3, on Trump, V-50

One of the best things I ever did was a 48 hour V-50. In it, among many things, Jay Stuart Snelson talked about the risks that humanity faces. We have significantly grown in technology, economy, etc. But our social evolution has stagnated, perhaps regressed. If this conflict--of technological progress and social regression--continues, humanity will disappear. On the recent killing of Soleimani... Unlike earlier Presidents, Trump does not beat around the bush. The earlier ones would have instead killed civilians or petty terrorists, rather than the fountainhead of terrorism. But the fountainhead gets its nutrition from a deeper well. This is what China is doing and to a certain extend Trump (who faces limitation to what he can do).

Human beings are partisan. The more to the Left they are, the more partisan they are. After all, leftism is tribalism mixed with materialism.

Leftists want free-stuff. They want someone to pay. This is materialism, but also absence of morals, animal-like, where might is right. The latter is tribalism.

January 4, on the US assassination of Soleimani:

The Hydra myth is actually real. You kill one Bin Laden, and ten Soleimani appear. The US is fighting a futile war. Unless the IQ of people is changed, there isn't a hope for a fundamental change in the Middle East. The best the US can do is to let the Middle East break up into smaller parts, so that the tribes can fight with each other, keep themselves focused inwardly, and their population a fraction of what it is now. This will also preempt "Iran" (which should be broken into tribal pieces) from developing the bomb. Here is a problem with Christian theology... They think there must be a solution to every problem. They have been trying to change Africa, Latin America and Indian sub-continent for the last 400 years. All they have done is to subsidize the problem.

Whole of Iraq came out to support the US when Saddam was killed. A few years later, the US was getting blame for everything. You can see the same story repeated again and again. They are inward-looking and will always revert back to that. The pro-democracy is a myth. They want democracy because they think it will solve their wretched existence. Their wretched existence cannot go away unless they give up their tribalism. Whether a tribal/stupid person is with you or not, stay away from him.

Tribalism = Animal-like behavior, might is right (not reason), whatever is good for my group is moral, within the group there is always a conflict (this is the dysfunctional nature of animal-liking thinking, always an attempt to get all the females, and females always hypergamous), absence of reason, expediency and the immediate rules, no thought on the future, no higher calling, all interest in food, sex and pleasure, survival-focused and if they have extra resources it goes into pleasure-centricity, no moral instinct, no loyalty to any cause or person just fleeting associations, no spirituality but a lot of fear/material-based religiosity.

Democracy has been a unmitigated disaster for the West. It has been downhill for the West since the time it took to democracy.

Industrial revolution, modern medicine, welfare system, etc. stopped Malthus from doing his job and reversed Darwinian-ism. With oil price being stagnant and all benefits having been used up, my view is that Malthus is back in action and Darwinian-ism has kicked in--Saudi Arabia continues to be in deficit. Sanity requires to let the two gentlemen do their job rather than send money to these disintegrating societies. Millions will perish, but that has to happen.

Economic poverty should stay with mentally poor people. It keeps them focused on survival, rather than on creating trouble.

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