Thursday, January 09, 2020

No US-Iran war, reason prevails

Sorry pessimists. After ending the 1+ decades of Soleimani murders last January 3, oil prices didn't reach $90 or higher; stocks didn't collapse; no casualty on both US and Iran troops, no "WW3" alarmism. Iran missiles were just fireworks in the night not intended to kill any US soldier and hence, was not meant to escalate. Rationality has prevailed on both sides.

Two good reports here:

1. Asia markets bounce back after US-Iran tensions appear to ease
Saheli Roy Choudhury

2. 5 highlights from Donald Trump's televised address on the Iranian missile attacks
Jeanine Santucci USA TODAY
4:31pm ET Jan. 8, 2020

US will impose new sanctions on Iran
'Ready to embrace peace with all who seek it'
Nations urged to pull out of nuclear agreement
Trump blames missile attack funding on Obama administration
US will ask NATO for more involvement in Middle East.

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