Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The 7th ALS Friedman Liberty and WTA Conferences

Tomorrow, the 7th Australian Libertarian Society (ALS) Friedman Liberty Conference + World Taxpayers Association (WTA) Conference will start. Mainly sponsored by the Australia Taxpayers Alliance, headed by Tim Andrews. Very dynamic guy and team. Here's the program, from

Friday 24th of May

Keynote - "Selling the Centre-Right" with Ron Nehring
Keynote Panel - "Increasing Competition Between Governments" with Dan Mitchell, Benjamin Gussen & Tamara Winter

11:20     Breakout Session   

How to make a difference (activism)

Andrew Meleta
Lyall Swim
Gerard Benedet
Alex Cordell
Environment & Outdoors

Marc Hendrickx
Tim Quilty
Bridgette Poulton
Christopher Field
13:30     Breakout Session
Tools for Tax Reform

Tax Foundation's Daniel Bunn,
Followed by Case Studies From Around The World
IPA Podcast: "Looking Forward: What does freedom look like in 2050"

John Roskam
Chris Berg
Scott Hardgraves
Renee Gorman

14:40     Labour markets, unions & work

Kurt Wallace, Andrew Bragg,
Kyle Kutasi, Roger Douglas

Keynote with Steve Baxter
Keynote with Matt Barrie
Closing Remarks with Tim Andrews & John Humphreys
V.I.P. Drinks with Alex Hawke - L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf (1300 117 118) | sponsored by the Tax Foundation
19:00     GALA DINNER - Dockside Function Centre, Cockle Bay Wharf (Wheat Rd)  | sponsored by Tax & Super Australia

Saturday 25th of May

9:00        WELCOME
9:10        Joint Keynote: "Love, Liberty & Happiness" with Matt & Terry Kibbe
10:00     Keynote Panel: "Leaving the Left" with Bindi Cole Chocka, Miriam Isa & Vanessa de Largie
11:00     MORNING TEA
11:20     Breakout Session

Terry Kibbe
Al Canata
Ron Nehring
Growth of Government

Nonoy Oplas
David Limbrick
Dan Wild
Tamara Winter
Western Civilisation

Daisy Cousens
John Roskam
Satya Marar
Peter Phelps
Tax Success Around the World

Gia Jandieri
Chris Butler
Barbara Kolm
Jordan Williams

13:30     Breakout Session
Plain Packaging &
Tobacco Harm Reduction

Lorenzo Montanari
Colin Mendelsohn
Sinclair Davidson
Guy Bentley
Future of the
LIberal Party

Tim Wilson
Amanda Stoker
Chris Berg
More than

Prash Puspanathan
Avens O'Brien
Ash Blackwell
Gabe Buckle

Rob Carling
Mark Frost
Scott Farlow
Duncan Spender

14:40     Breakout Session
Storytelling / Videos

Miriam Isa
Troy Lanigan
Ben Whimpey
Matt Kibbe

Marko Horg
John O'Connell
Ross Marchand
Monica Wilkie
Free Speech

Amanda Stoker
Chris Berg
Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz
Scott Hennig
Money & Macro

Richard Holden
Tony Makin
Sinclair Davidson

Keynote with John Fund
Keynote with Grover Norquist
Group Photo and Closing Remarks with Tim Andrews & John Humphreys
18:00     Sydney Harbour Cruise - "Bella Vista" departing from Casino Wharf | sponsored by Kennards Self Storage

Sunday 26th of May

Keynote with Roger Douglas
Keynote with Sam Crosby
Keynote Panel: "Anti-Fragile" with Tanveer Ahmed, Joanna Crook-Barr & Anthony Dillon

11:50     Breakout Session
the Internet

Katie McAullife
Paul Shetler
Gideon Rozner
Ben Guerin
Living with the
Panda & the Dragon

Sue Windybank
Dan Ryan
Andrew Pickford
Feng Chongyi
Media and
Fake News

Kerry Wakefield
James Morrow
Luke Malpass
John Fund
& Climate

Andrew Reynolds
Staffan Wennberg
Jo Nova
Nick Minchin

14:00     Breakout Session
Media Training

Beverly Halberg
Seouled Out:
Preserving South Korea’s Freedom

Dan Schneider
Andrew Crilly
Life Without Politics

Avens O'Brien
Tomas Forgac
David Mullan
Les Hughes
Tax and Trade

Phillip Thompson
Keith Kendall
Michael Potter
Grover Norquist

15:10     Breakout Session
Using Social
Media Effectively

Ron Nehring
Scott Hennig
Ben Guerin
Avens O'Brien
Liberty Around
the World

Vale Sloane
Andreas Guevara
Rainer Heufers
Maryan Zablotskyy
Rise of the
Regressive Left

Jeremy Sammut
Renee Gorman
Sydney Watson
with Tax

Dan Mitchell
Ken Phillips
Pete Sepp
Christopher Lingle

Keynote with Jim Lark
Closing Remarks with Tim Andrews & John Humphreys
18:30     MOVIE: "The Pursuit"

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