Saturday, August 10, 2019

UPSEAA lecture 4, Johanna Chua

Last Thursday, another UP School of Economics Alumni Association (UPSEAA) boardroom lecture given by UPSE '94 Summa cum laude graduate Johanna Chua, now with Citibank.

She delivered a fast, articulate, pure verbal lecture, no ppt. Some data that I got from the web before I discuss her talk.

A recent chart from zero hedge,

Jo recognized the growing trade deficit of the US with China. She differentiated the cultural differences between the two countries, CN being hierarchical, US more flexible in commerce and politics. CN's Xi Jinping leadership is followed down the line, US' Donald Trump leadership is littered with opposition, erratic, "magulo."

I raised this point during the open forum, that CN being a one-party communist dictatorial government needs someone in the US who's "less traditional" and "magulo" to prick their complacency, to create disruption in how things are done in trade, investments and IPR protection.

She replied that the kind of communism in CN is not the traditional view that we know, there is leeway in private businesses to grow. She added that CN has created a community of allied countries and economies (BRI, etc.) even before the tensions with Trump leadership started.

I added that on the contrary, CN has pictured itself as a bully and isolationist, like its militarization of the SCS/WPS that alienated Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, aside from its territorial disputes with Japan, problems with "rebel" regions like Taiwan, Tibet, Uighur province, plus the ongoing political protests in HK.

Jo recognized these geopolitical problems of CN and diplomatic steps are undertaken.
There are other things she said that I don't really agree but overall, the lady is very articulate and intelligent to cover many topics with just a short piece of paper as her guide notes.

UPSEAA board members present that night headed by President Jeffrey Ng (to the left of Johanna).

Batches '93 and '94 guys.

Meanwhile, great food and drinks were served by Kuwago's.

Thanks again to Union Bank for allowing UPSEAA to use their cool digital banking place, The Ark.

Next event -- the annual UPSE alumni reunion on September 7, Saturday, 4pm down at UPSE Diliman. Host will be the silver alumni, batch '94.

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