Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Covid 12, Open up the economy, lockdowns are wrong

Oil crisis, food crisis, overpopulation crisis, NCDs crisis, inequality crisis, climate crisis, plastic crisis, US-Iran war crisis, forest fire crisis,... now Covid crisis.

Soon it will emerge that like all those "crisis" this Covid hysteria is just false alarm. But the perpetrators want maximum damage to the economy, to capitalism and the profit system in particular, before the false alarm is exposed.

Covid 19 or Wuhan virus itself is not a crisis, it is part of nature including the estimated 380 trillion viruses plus 38 trillion bacteria that are residents in our body. It's the lockdowns and hysteria that created the econ crisis for many businesses.

If there is no real crisis, governments, the multilerals, big media and NGOs will invent a fictional crisis with just one goal – they are the “saviours” of humanity and so governments and UN and their allies must keep expanding. The taxes, regulations and prohibitions must keep expanding.

Remember again the conditions during the Spanish flu 1918-1919: horrible life after WW1 1914-1918, many people were sick, wounded, jobless; no vaccines, no modern medicines and PPEs, no ventilators, etc. And yet humanity survived, herd immunity prevailed, and humanity expanded. The lockdown dictatorship won’t admit this, they will insist that govts and their expanding regulations are the solution.

Not opening up the economy fast enough will lead to more corporate bankruptcies, more unemployment, needing more govt corporate bailouts and econ subsidies, more money printing. Later lead to nationalization of many sectors and corporations, towards more, bigger government.

Meanwhile, some interesting reports here:

Meet the trillions of viruses that make up your virome
By David Pride, Associate Director of Microbiology, University of California San Diego and Chandrabali Ghose, Visiting Scientist, The Rockefeller University
October 11, 2018

… the human body is occupied by large collections of microorganisms, commonly referred to as our microbiome, that have evolved with us since the early days of man. Scientists have only recently begun to quantify the microbiome, and discovered it is inhabited by at least 38 trillion bacteria….

It has been estimated that there are over 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us, a community collectively known as the human virome. But these viruses are not the dangerous ones you commonly hear about, like those that cause the flu or the common cold, or more sinister infections like Ebola or dengue. Many of these viruses infect the bacteria that live inside you and are known as bacteriophages, or phages for short. The human body is a breeding ground for phages, and despite their abundance, we have very little insight into what all they or any of the other viruses in the body are doing.

There are more viruses than stars in the universe. Why do only some infect us?

An estimated 10 nonillion (10 to the 31st power) individual viruses exist on our planet—enough to assign one to every star in the universe 100 million times over.
Viruses infiltrate every aspect of our natural world, seething in seawater, drifting through the atmosphere, and lurking in miniscule motes of soil.

Not All Viruses Are Bad For You. Here Are Some That Can Have a Protective Effect

Bacteriophages (or "phages") are viruses that infect and destroy specific bacteria. They're found in the mucus membrane lining in the digestive, respiratory and reproductive tracts.

Mucus is a thick, jelly-like material that provides a physical barrier against invading bacteria and protects the underlying cells from being infected. Recent research suggests the phages present in the mucus are part of our natural immune system, protecting the human body from invading bacteria.

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