Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Covid 13, Hard lockdown and hysteria caused the 17.7% unemployment rate

Philippines unemployment rate jumped high from 5.3% in January 2020 to 17.7% in April 2020. Palakpakan, clap the hard lockdown. People wanted to be employed, Government said they should be unemployed, anyway government has helicopter money and cash freebies naman. Bow.

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Some of the resorts, hotels, big restos in the provinces are already bankrupt, shut down. The rest are dying and bordering on bankruptcy too. They need many tourists and visitors, locals especially and government, IATF guys especially PNP and LGUs make this more difficult, more costly and bureaucratic. The new purpose of government is to penalize businesses then legislate huge spending and borrowings to "stimulate" business. Lousy.

From this report, a person took two weeks to get LGU health certificate, then days or weeks to get PNP travel pass. 

This could be another reason why government should cut the number of personnel. Some or many of them are not exactly useful, so they must "do something"... Something to further slow down the economy.

To survive bankruptcy, it is not so much what businesses should do. They know their field. Rather, it is what government should NOT do. Too much bawal bawal, lots of restrictions.

In private businesses, big and small, it's automatic, no brainer, that when the business is in crisis bordering on bankruptcy, let go of some workers and officers, remove entire division, and/or everyone accepts no salaries and allowances for 1 or 2 months. Until things normalize and the company survives bankruptcy. Far out this will happen in govt. The personnel and officials might even expand.

Those "hundreds of thousands" of lives saved in the PH by hard lockdown as peddled by the IATF and its member agencies are fictional and delusional. The GDP growth contraction at -0.2% in Q1 2020, the unemployment rate of 17.7% in April, the economic damages are real and factual.

Would people estimate how much misery and deaths were caused by the lockdowns on patients who needed regular diagnostics and check-up but non-Covid clinics, laboratories, doctors, financial support are not available? People in current depression because their life savings to out up a nice resto or bar or boutique hotel are now bankrupt.

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