Sunday, June 21, 2020

Weekend Fun 71, Father's day, Husband's day

A cool Father's Day meme,

(All photos and memes here I got from the web or shared in various social media)

Q: Difference among Complete, Finished and Completely finished?

A: If you married the right woman, your life is Complete.
If you married the wrong woman, your life is Finished.
And if your (wrong) wife catches you with another woman, you are Completely finished.

The wedding day changes the  woman from a relatively permissive to an aggressive wife. Why?
As she walks down the church to the altar, there is a repeated music... 

Altar hymn, Altar hymn,
Alter hymn, Alter hymn,
Alter Him, Alter Him. 

When couples argue, remember Econ 11.
Talk is cheap because the supply is larger than the demand.


Now I want to share a short note written by my eldest daughter, turning Grade 9 this school year. Ahh, the joy of fatherhood :-)

Dear papa,

I thank you for being my slave at times when I want to relax. You pamper me in times when I am lazy or sad. You feed me food that make my taste buds happy, and you help me deal with things i sometimes don't want to do.

You have made a big impact to my life and taught me that even if you can be lazy and stubborn, you can still achieve many things if you actually put some effort.

And that no matter how often your relationships seem to be at an end, it doesn't always mean its not meant to be but that you are not perfect. You have influenced me to become more mature, responsible and caring. and i thank you for all the years you have raised me -

Love, your eldest daughter,


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Radical Journey Travel & Tours said...

I laughed on its first part.

I was inspired to become a better father with the letter you have shared of what your daughter wrote you on its second part.

More power to you, Kuya Noy!

-Ritchie Mauricio

Atty. Jo Fernandez said...

Ate Elle and Bien are your treasures, Noy. Thanks for sharing.