Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Car plates and power trip, Part 2

The use of special car plates sold and issued by certain government agencies, especially the police, implies "power trip" on the part of the owner or driver of those cars. It bestows certain exemptions from a number of government traffic rules that otherwise will require some high and expensive penalties. On the part of the issuing agencies like the PNP, those car plates give them additional revenues, give their family members and friends certain power on the roads.

I took these pictures sometime last year: PNP CSG, LEAP (Law Enforcers Association of the Philippines), PNPA (Phil. National Police Academy), and a "Prosecutor"

Another set of pictures I took, also last year. Councilor, House of Reps., LEAP and Lead PNP.

Some plates have "Mayor", "Governor", "Board Member", "Immigration" on them.

More pictures of cars with PNP-CSG and PNP-PMA plates.

Some pictures I took this year. NBI (National Bureau of Investigation), an SUV with car plate "SSSSS".

Meanwhile, see this white van, a government vehicle (red plate) parked along Buendia, a very busy road in Makati City. Of course the police and city traffic enforcers do not apprehend the driver of those vehicles. Their laws against "No Parking" on certain roads apply only to private motorists who have no connection to high police and government officials. The "rule of law" in traffic rules and regulations is a joke for them.

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