Thursday, July 07, 2011

IPN, Prizes for free market journalism

Journalists and opinion writers in major newspapers and magazines who write on the virtue of individual freedom and free market, here is an opportunity to win thousands of dollars.

The International Policy Network is announcing the Bastiat Prize for Journalism. Really huge prizes for the winners -- $50,000 1st prize, $15,000 2nd prize, and $5,000 3rd prize.

The award is in honor of Friedrich Bastiat, a 19th century French journalist who authored several books like The Law, criticizing government coercion that stifle individual liberty and the free market.

The only problem with this kind of award is that it attracts REALLY big names in global journalism who advocate the free society and less government coercion. So the competition should be very stiff. The panel of judges are also top caliber journalists, including former winners of the award.

Deadline for submission of entries is July 31, 2011. Check the IPN website to see more details.

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