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Climate stupidity 19: More severe typhoons are due to global warming

(This is my article yesterday in the with original title, Climate Change Stupidity)

Nonoy Oplas
Man-made warming or more technically, anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and its cousin, man-made climate change (MCC), continue as the most parasitic, highly-politicized and even robbery-motivated science fiction in the past and current century.
AGW predicts that there will be less rain, less snow, more drought and drier season and winter. Seeing the variability of warm-cool season, they shifted to MCC and say that global warming will cause less rain and more rain, less snow and more snow, the dry will become drier, the wet will become wetter. Whatever weather, whatever climate, whatever season, that a country or a continent or the planet will have, AGW is to blame. Is this not a stupid and idiotic proposition?

If there are heavy rains and heavy flooding, blame AGW and MCC. If there is less rain and there is “water crisis” in the dams, blame AGW and MCC too. Is this not an idiotic and stupid proposition? And many UN and national governments policies like new carbon taxes, renewable energy subsidies, WB-ADB climate loans, etc. are based on this idiotic and stupid proposition.

At the height of heavy flooding last week and this week in many provinces in Central and Northern Luzon, especially in Bulacan province, a number of alarmist news reports were peddled upon the public.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer made a big banner headline last October 2, Climate change blamed for storms, flooding, drought: An inconvenient truth for Philippines: wetter, drier by Cathy Yamsuan and Kristine Alave. The report quoted DOST UnderSecretary Graciano Yumul saying that “in the next 20 to 50 years, the Philippines would find the dry seasons drier and the wet seasons wetter… With the climate change scenario, we will see more of this as a frequent reality,”

Then BusinessMirror had this headline on October 3, PHL urged to step up fight vs. climate change by Imelda Albano. She quoted Climate Change Commission (CCC) Commissioner Heherson Alvarez saying “the country (need) to scale up early actions to address climate change… What we are seeing is a phenomenon that will affect many provinces and major cities in the country even in the coming years.”

Also on October 3, BusinessWorld carried this news, Local gov’ts told to plan better for climate change. It quoted CCC Secretary Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering saying “It’s no longer just about losing lives; climate change is already beginning to hurt us economically.”

Hogwash and garbage. These are from top government officials indirectly telling us, “send us more tax money and we will fight climate change.”

To those government officials mentioned, to other government officials at the DENR, DOST, OP, etc., to the big environmental NGOs World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and Oxfam, other climate alarmist groups, here are some inconvenient graphs for you. My questions follow.

1. Air and lower troposphere temperature as of end-September 2011, satellite data.

2. Global sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly for all oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Indian, etc.) and seas, as of October 3 this year. Observe the dotted black line showing a cooling trend over the last nine years. Source of this and above graphs, Dr. Roy Spencer.
3. SST anomaly for Pacific Ocean’s Nino Region 4 (region closest to the Philippines and other East Asian countries), as of October 2 this year. Source is Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology
4. Consensus Forecast for Pacific Ocean’s Nino Region 3.4, October 2011 to June 2012. Current La Nina started in May 2010, and looks like it will be longer than the 2007-2008 cooling. Source: WUWT ENSO page
Now to my questions:

1. Are those air and sea surface temperature anomalies (or deviations from the average temperature) showing natural climate cycle of warming-cooling-warming-cooling? Yes or No.

1a. If Yes, do you recognize then that there is no such thing as “unprecedented warming” and “unequivocal or definite warming”?

1b. If No, then what do you call those up-down-up-down in global temperatures?

2. Do you recognize that we are now in the global cooling period as global warming phase has ended in 1998? Yes or No.

2a. If Yes, then what’s the fuss with all those endless reference to AGW and the many public policies to “fight” AGW and MCC?

2b. If No, then more clouds, more rains, more flood, more colder days, are also indicators of global warming? What happened to the earlier predictionsof more drought, less rain?

3. Do you recognize that natural factors are more important than CO2 emission in affecting the planet’s climate? Yes or No.

3a. If Yes, then what’s the fuss with all those regulations, restrictions, taxation and subsidies to “fight” AGW?

3B. If No, then how do you explain that fact that while the number of SUVs, airplanes, malls and shops worldwide keep rising, which means rising CO2 emission, and yet global temperatures are declining?

I will limit my questions to the above. I hope that anyone of the warming leaders can answer those questions with honesty and integrity. I am also willing to face anyone of you to a public debate on climate issues.

Let me share also my observation: I have been writing on the subject for the past three years and has challenged a number of warming leaders in this country to a debate. I only get one standard reply: the sound of silence. My impression is that ALL warming leaders in this country are cowards when challenged to a debate.

I hope I can be disproven in my impression. All these continued AGW and MCC noise are  directed to one single objective: global ecological central planning. Of more government regulations, restrictions, and taxation of energy and economic activities.

I believe that this is nothing but a large-scale rent-seeking and robbery project.

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