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Climate Tricks 51, The CCC, Greenpeace and fossil fuels

A friend, Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Commssioner Chito Gascon posted this status and photos last January 28.

On 27 January 2016, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), with the Climate Change Commission (CCC), organized a whole-day learning session on relevant environmental laws, national policies and international mechanisms on climate change. One of the objectives of this activity was to emphasize the interdependence between climate change and human rights. It was also a venue for both parties to keep each other updated on the existing programs and projects concerning mitigation, as implemented by CCC and other involved government agencies.

This initiative is part of CHR’s program of actions in response to the complaint filed by Green Peace and other environmental advocacy groups on 22 September 2015 that called for the investigation of big fossil fuel companies for violating human rights through environmental pollution. The said complaint is the first petition in the world against the so-called 50 “carbon majors.

I made the following comments:

Huh? Greenpeace people do not ride cars, buses, airplanes -- all that use fossil fuels? They only walk, ride bicycles and flying brooms that do not use fossil fuels? hehehe, double talk pa more.

And GP, the great campaigner against GMO. Ask the scientists from UP -- Diliman, Manila, Los Banos, etc. -- if GMOs like Bt eggplant are indeed that scary.

Here's what GP Founder, Patrick Moore, say about fossil fuels and CO2 emission, October 2015. Long, technical paper, but worth reading.

Greenpeace founder delivers powerful annual lecture, praises carbon dioxide - full…

Hi CCC guys, GP, WWF, UN,... you have lots of climate meetings and conferences each year, jet setting from one big city to another, or some exotic resorts. All your plane rides, car or bus rides, use petroleum/fossil fuel 100%. In case you take airplanes that run on water, or you ride via flying brooms or kites or other flying objects that use zero fossil fuel, pls post immediately so I can help spread it out. That you guys walk the talk and not engage in double talk. cheers.

More stories about Greenpeace here, from

And a few years ago, there was a proposal by the CCC of a climate or extreme weather index insurance for farmers and fisherfolks. When there are more rains and no rain for X number of days, where there are more floods or no flood for X number of days, farmers and other food producers will be paid. By whom? By private crop insurance firms, so farmers will pay a (bad) weather insurance fee.

Weird proposal because less flood and more flood, less rains and more rains, less storms and more storms, have been with us for decades, for centuries, even for millions of years.

Global Tropical Cyclone Frequency- 1971 to Present


Climate alarmists and religionists should study more data, hard scientific data, before they mouth "unprecedented" and "unequivocal" flooding/rains/drought/storms. These "extreme" events do have precedents, even before CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was below 350ppm, even before the UN was invented.

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