Saturday, December 30, 2017

La Nina and flooding in the PH, other countries

After a big El Nino the last two years, La Nina is back this year and it seems to be a bad one, lasting probably for the next two years. In the Philippines' main island of Luzon for instance, regular rainy or wet season is from June to October. This year, it is end-December already and it's been cloudy on most days with occasional scattered rains.

There have been several heavy flooding in the country too until this month that killed dozens of people due to landslides and drowning.

Ok, just what is El Nino - La Nina, how are they measured?

The quick answer is if the sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly or deviation in the Nino region 3.4 -- the center-most and widest part of the 4 Nino regions 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the Pacific Ocean -- is above or warmer than 0.5 C compared to average temperature over the last 30 years I think, that's El Nino. If the SST anomaly is below or colder than -0.5 C, that's La Nina. So if the SST is between -0.5 to +0.5 C, say -0.35 C or 0.48 C, that's the neutral zone, neither El Nino nor La Nina, just developing towards either condition.

Here is the time series data over the past 67 years, 1950-2017. Prominent recent big El Nino years were 1998 and 2016, while prominent recent La Nina years were 1989, 1999-2000, and around 2008, 2011.

On average, the El Nino - La Nina cycle (yes, it's a cycle, like global warming - global cooling cycle, wet-dry cycle in the Tropics, winter-spring-summer-fall cycle in the North and South Hemisphere, water evaporation-condensation cycle, etc.) occur six years or so, three years El Nino development, another three years La Nina development.

So the UN, Al Gore, many governments, are dishonest and deceptive when they say that anthropogenic (or man-made) global warming is "unprecedented" (no precedent) and "unequivocal" (no ambiguity, so sure).

What, no previous ,global warming precedents over the past 4.6 B years of planet Earth's history? Big lie. And no global cooling that happen after global warming phase? Big lie. And climate change, climate cycle is not natural (nature-made), only man-made? Big lie.

I hope that by 2018 and the coming years, that big fake news by the UN, governments, big activist environmentalists will be exposed.

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